Another Round


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part 2 of the Yzerman/Hatcher series began with "Beneath the Surface"

Pairing: Steve Yzerman and Derian Hatcher (I can explain this one...the bunny escaped the box I locked it up in)
Rating: um, NC-17, yet again
A/N: I didn't want to write this...I really didn't, but the damn bunny just insisted. You know you're in serious trouble when something you don't want to EVER see shows up in your dreams!!!

        Steve sat on the bench staring intently at the defense guys who were horsing around on the ice well, actually, he was only staring at one of them. The one with a bright red #2 on his back; the one who'd captivated his dreams every night for the past two weeks; the one he wanted more than he almost had the courage to admit. He should get over it. He was well aware of the fact that Derian told him that their locker room interlude was nothing more than a fuck. But, damn it, he wanted it to be so much more and it was making him almost willing to beg for it.


       "So, are you going to tell him that you want him are do you plan on waiting on his amazing ability to read minds to tell him for you?" Brett asked with a smirk after following Steve's gaze across the arena. "You seem to be quite taken with him, Stevie."


        "Fuck off, Brett." Steve replied with a less than tenacious growl.


        "Well, in that case, I think I'll just go tell Derian that youre ready for him to fuck you until your legs turn to Jell-o again." Brett said as he skated off.


        "No, damn it shit, just what I fuckin' need." Steve said to himself as he forced himself onto the ice again. "Brett, don't tell Derian that."

        "Don't tell me what?" Derian asked as he skated up to Steve.


        "Nothing - don't worry about it, its nothing, really." Steve said his face flushed as he tried to turn away from Derian.


        "I think you want to go another round with Big Daddy." Derian whispered roughly in Steve's ear. "Tell your roomie to take a hike tonight and I'll see you after the game."


        The game went for the most part too fast for Steve's comfort. He had yet to mention to Brendan that he needed him to be out of the room at least for a while tonight maybe that was because he was afraid of admitting that he was actually looking forward to being with Derian again. He smiled at the thought that Derian was the one who suggested the privacy of the hotel room. It was as if there was actually going to be more respect involved with this encounter than there was the last time.


        "Well, how long should I stay gone?" Brendan asked as he and Steve rode the elevator up to their room. "Should I just go and crash with Hully since Derian's abandoning him tonight?"


        "I, uh, don't know if Derian's planning to stay all night or not." Steve answered. "I kinda hope he does. I doubt he will, but I would like to see him first thing in the morning."


        "Stevie, are you sure you arent running a fever or something?" Bren asked as he tried to place his hand over his roommates forehead. "If I didn't know better, I'd swear you wanted this thing with Hatcher to become some kind of permanent arrangement."


        "Who knows hell, I for one don't." Steve replied as he slid his key card into the reader on the door. "Shanny, I just felt so - I don't know quite how to put it - when Derian was inside me that I just have to have that feeling again."


        "I don't need to know how it felt to have him in you." Brendan replied with an exaggerated sigh. "Aren't you the one who called him over-grown and barbaric?"


        "Yeah, I know." Steve replied as he went about folding down the covers on his bed and doing a few other things to make the room more inviting.


        "I don't know why I even bother trying to talk to you when you're like this." Brendan said as he walked out of the room. "I'll see you later."


        "Yeah, later," Steve said with a wave in Brendan's general direction.


        Steve was stretched out on his bed trying to look casual when there was a knock on the door. Not wanting to seem overly eager, he waited a few seconds before getting up to check it. When he opened it, he tried to act as if he was surprised to see Derian standing there.


        "I told Shanny he could stay all night with Brett."
Derian said as he walked in. "This might take all night."


Derian kicked the door shut with his left foot as he pushed Steve up against the wall. His turquoise eyes stared right into the depths of Steve's deep, chocolaty eyes. With a tenderness that shocked Steve completely, Derian trailed one of his thumbs over Steve's lips and down his chin and over the hollow of his throat.


        "Derian, what are you doing?" Steve asked his voice wavering nervously.


        "I thought this is what you wanted." Derian replied. "Or was I wrong? Is all you want from me hot, dominating, demanding sex that leaves you panting and unable to walk straight?"


        "I, uh, want both." Steve replied, blinking his eyes a few times to make sure he understood everything correctly. "I want to have sex like we had two weeks ago, but this, what youve been doing is real nice too."


        "Nice, huh?" Derian said with a slight chuckle. "I was hoping for better than that."


        Steve gasped in surprise as Derian's tongue circled around the edge of his left ear slowly. His hands began to work the buttons on Derian's shirt open he had to have the sensation of bare flesh rubbing over bare flesh soon. Derian didn't work so delicately on Steves shirt preferring instead to grab it just below the collar and pull it open roughly sending buttons flying everywhere. When their hands reached each others belts, Derian groaned deep in his throat as he felt his cock slam roughly against the fly of his pants.

        By the time they made it over to the bed, Steve's clothes lay on the floor and Derian was free of everything but the soft flannel boxers that Steve was doing his best to free the larger man of. Steve found himself rolled onto his stomach waiting for Derian to fill him.


        "Where's the lube - or do you want me to try to go without it?" Derian asked as his large hand fumbled across the nightstand clumsily.


        Steve's hand tentatively reached over and guided Derian's to the drawer in the nightstand. After finding the small tube that they were looking for, Steve tried to settle in on the bed again. He was kind of surprised when he felt Derian raising his hips off the bed.


        "I take it you want me on my knees." Steve whispered as he tried to move into position.


        "I just want to make it a little easier on you." Derian replied. "At least for now, I'll go easy on you."


Steve relaxed as he felt a couple of pillows being slid underneath his hips. A moan formed deep in his throat as he felt Derian's large hands kneading the flesh of his ass. A low guttural moan escaped his slightly parted lips as one of Derian's lube-covered fingers began to lightly probe around his opening. Steve bucked his hips up from the pillows in the attempt to keep Derian's thick finger buried inside of him.


        "You're still impatient." Derian chided softly. "I guess you're ready."


        It took a few good thrusts for Derian's member to be fully sheathed inside of Steve. The slow rocking of Derians hip's was sweet torture for Steve. His eagerness to match every thrust had them both rapidly reaching their climax. When Derian's hand slid beneath Steve to grab his throbbing erection, Steve shamelessly pumped in and out of the channel that Derian's hand provided.

        When it was over, Steve didn't move for a while. He practically held his breath as he waited to see if Derian was going to leave. He looked over at the very satiated man lying next to him.


        "That was...: Steve's voice trailed off as Derian smeared a cum-covered finger over his lips.


Steve's tongue darted out tentatively to clean the sticky fluid off his mouth. The motion of it was met with a lazy, gap-toothed grin from Derian.


        "So, was this just a fuck?" Steve asked as he slowly got out of bed.


        "I'm not sure if that would only qualify as a fuck." Derian replied his eyes scanning over Steve's nakedness greedily. "I think we both know that we can't keep this up without people talking."


        "Let 'em talk." Steve said as he flipped the light on in the bathroom. "I kinda like the idea of making people wonder what were up to."


        "Steve, everyone is VERY aware of what weve been doing." Derian laughed. "I think they are talking more because they just don't see us together."


        "So, are you staying?" Steve asked as he started to get into the shower.


        "Yeah, cause I don't want to be interrogated by Brett." Derian answered with a smirk.


        "Is that your only reason for staying?" Steve asked as Derian slid into the shower behind him.


        "Not even close - you see, I promised someone some really hot, dominating sex," Derian answered with a grin. "I just can't disappoint him."


        "No, I don't think that would be a good idea." Steve laughed in return.


        "I just hope that Bren's still in the mood after Brett finishes with him." Derian teased enjoying the display of fire lighting up Steve's dark eyes. "Gotcha."

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