Your Mistake


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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Dallas not imply to own them and do not imply that any of this is true..has happened, will happen or the like...
CHARACTERS: Marty Turco and Jason Arnott
RATING: NC-17 to R - for Male/Male sexual situations....this story is SLASH, if that bothers you...I suggest you leave!!!

original pencil drawing by ME!!!


"Your Mistake"

I'm not right and I'm not fine...I wanna be rain that tastes like wine...I wanna be good...I wanna be great...I want to be everything except for your mistake


            He felt bad hell, probably worse than he'd ever felt about any other two-minute stint he was forced to spend off the ice. Jason was second-guessing everything that led up to his penalty that allowed LeClerc the opportunity to get the game winning power play goal. Somehow, even though it didnt seem to make sense, he felt like he owed the entire team an apology for costing them the chance at tying the series 2-2. However, he wasnt alone.

            Marty sat away from the rest of the guys mentally replaying the diving attempt he'd made to stop the game winner. Nothing he could've done differently came to mind - not how he could've moved faster or how he could've kept the Stars from having their backs against the wall again.

            After getting back to the hotel for some much needed, but way too illusive sleep, Marty and Jason found themselves alone in a corner booth at the lobby bar. The growing collection of empty beer bottles on the table between them was a testament to how they were feeling.


             "Don't worry about that goal, Turks." Jason whispered. "It got in because of me - not you."


            "I should've gotten to it. I'm the fuckin' goalie." Marty replied. "Shit like that isn't supposed to go past me."

            The only thing the two of them remembered about the next few minute was that time slowed to a crawl after Jason put his hand over Marty's on the table. When the light clicked to green when the hotel door read the key card, Marty realized that going upstairs with Jason had never been in his plans, but here he was.


            "I should go." Marty said as he tried to retreat from the turmoil that was beginning to swirl about in his mind.


            "Come in for a while - let me try to make up for earlier." Jason pleaded softly.


Reluctantly (more from nervousness than anything else), Marty accepted the invitation. Jason didn't try to hide the true reason he'd invited Marty up to the room as he started sliding out of his clothes. Jason held his hand out to Marty as if inviting him to dance after he turned the radio on.


            "You can't be serious." Marty said with a half-grin. "I didn't come in here to dance well, at least not like that."


            "You didn't, well then what were you expecting?" Jason replied somewhat shocked that his intentions were that easily read.


            "Come here and I'll show you." Marty said as he pulled Jason's mouth to his.


Send me into your mind...I wanna know what you're thinking...This time I'll try to be the one you always thought you knew


            "Wow," Jason whispered as he staggered back from the kiss that left his lips swollen and his body aching for more. "You know, that is really much better than dancing."


            "Yeah, so I've been told." Marty replied with a broad grin. "Isn't that more along the lines of why you invited me here?"


            "Yeah, but I honestly didn't think you would - I mean, I guess I thought..." Jason stammered before Marty cut him off with another deep kiss.


            The two of them moved more easily together than they ever imagined that they would. It wasn't long until they were lying face to face on Jason's bed their clothes strewn carelessly about the floor. Jason trailed his fingers nervously through the mass of dark hair covering Marty's chest and stomach anxiety preventing him from going much lower than his teammates waist.


            "I wont bite." Marty whispered as he guided Jasons hand lower.


            "That's not a problem - I don't want to move too fast." He replied.


Its true...Im blue...And without you...I'm not right...I'm not fine...I wanna be rain that tastes like wine...I wanna be good...I wanna be great...I wanna be everything except for your mistake


            The first rays of the morning sun found Jason wrapped tightly in the bed sheets alone. On the nightstand next to him was a note from Marty.




Sorry about leaving without waking you, but I didn't want to face everyone in the same clothes from last night. Meet me downstairs and we'll go to breakfast before we have to go to the airport.




Jason rubbed his fingers across his lips - they were swollen. That fact added to the realization that he hadnt been dreaming about what happened the night before. He looked around his room and his regular road trip roommate was soundly sleeping in his bed and his clothes were carefully stacked on a chair.


Let me into your viewI wanna know how you see this thing thats us...I must keep managing my madness over you...And I don't want your sympathy just understanding...We'd be better off if I just took some time to understand you


            Standing in front of the elevator bank, Marty waited for Jason to make his way downstairs almost fearing that he wouldn't show up when the doors opened.


            "Hey, I got your note." Jason admitted quietly. "I almost thought I'd been dreaming when I woke up this morning."


            "Do you still wish you were?" Marty asked looking more at the tops of his shoes than at Jason.


            "Nope, I'm glad it was all very real." Jason said as he reached out for Marty's hand. "Believe me the last thing I think I could stand for you to say was that you thought what happened between us was a mistake."


            "No, Jason, I was honestly afraid that if I stayed that you'd realize that we shouldn't have done what we did." Marty said. "I just did what I thought was best I left before you woke because I couldn't handle what I thought would be the morning after."


            Jason put his arm around Marty's shoulders and pulled him close. This time his lips were the ones that initiated the kissing. Their pulses quickened as their tongues danced within each others mouth. A quiet whistling sound broke up their moment.


            "I won't say a word about this, guys, but I'd suggest you keep it under wraps for a while." Derian said as he walked by. "Besides, I saw the two of you in the bar last night - I figured you'd connected with each other."


            Settling in on the plane for the flight home, Marty and Jason didn't sit next to each other. They decided that they'd be better off sitting alone or at least with a different member of the team between them and the aisle. Jason pretended to stare out at the shapes the clouds were making while Marty tried to read the book he'd taken with him for the trip.


I'm not right...I'm not fine...I wanna be rain that tastes like wine...I wanna be seen...I wanna get clean...I wanna just fall out of in-between...I'm not right...I'm not right...I dont wanna be your mistake


            Marty was leaning against his car when Jason finally made his way out to the parking garage. Jason silently nodded his head and followed Marty from the airport to his place. The modest house wasn't exactly what Jason expected, but he wasnt going to complain as long as he was spending time with Marty. They'd just made it inside before the clouds burst open with a drenching, thunderstorm. Foregoing a traditional tour of the house, Marty took Jason by the hand and led him to his bedroom. The rhythm that they'd discovered before quickly returned as they worked each other's clothes off before falling into bed.

            Marty woke sometime after the storm let up. He couldn't help himself as he propped himself up on an elbow and watched the peaceful smile that played across Jasons lips as he slept. Jason woke later to find Marty lying beside him watching him as he slept. He leaned over and kissed the man who was no longer just a teammate and who definitely wasn't a mistake.


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