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Part 3 of the "Your Mistake" series

The flight to California was fairly uneventful even though Jason and Marty decided to sit next to each other. Jason was pretty much oblivious to the whispers that Marty was certain he heard from some of their teammates that hadnt found out already.


"You guys missed out on a really good time last night." Aaron said as he sat down in front of them. "But I guess you had more pressing matters at home, right?"


Aaron's raised eyebrow and enormous grin was enough to make Marty retreat into his book while Jason just shook his head and then closed his eyes before leaning against Marty's shoulder to go to sleep.

            They checked into the hotel Brenden offered to switch rooms with Marty, but Marty reminded him that goalies dont have roommates anyway. They had practice early on Monday morning and then the game Monday night, so aside from dinner, most of them were going to avoid doing too much on Sunday night. Marty was unpacking things from his suitcase when there was a knock on the door of his room. When he opened it, he was kind of surprised to see his neighbor from across the hall standing there.


            "Well, aren't you gonna invite me in?" Mike asked as he looked over Marty's shoulder to see that he was the only one in the room.


            "Oh, uh, sure," Marty replied. "Are you looking for someone?"


            "Just checking to see if Jason was here," Mike replied with a grin. "I guess he'll be stopping by later, huh?"


            "Mike, if you want to know what's going on just come right out and ask me." Marty replied. "I'm not embarrassed about it especially since being with Jason makes us no different than over half of the team you and Bren included."


            "So, you are seeing each other - how long has this been going on?" Mike asked as he made himself comfortable in the overstuffed chair by the window. "I thought the last time we had a party as a group the two of you avoided each other like the plague."


            "Well, I guess we both thought we weren't what we are." Marty tried to explain. "But something just clicked for us after game 4 - I still dont know how or why it happened. I'm not going to question it; I'm just going along for the ride. Is there some reason why you're in here fishing for information?"


            "Actually, I had to find out if Aaron and Derian were telling the truth. Everyone whispers that you and Jason are together and then says but I just can't see them together." Mike said with a grin. "Don't worry about it, Turks, if the two of you are happy that's all that matters."


            "Thanks, Mike, not that we really needed your approval or anything, though." Marty said as he walked Mike out. "Besides, if you hadn't kept Brenden out so late that night, Jason and I might not have gone as far as we did."


            It seemed like forever after Mike left before Jason arrived. Marty had the lights just right and the music playing softly in the background. Jason grinned when he walked in and noticed the effort.


            "Well, if I didn't know better, I'd swear you were trying to seduce me." He said as he looked around and then at Marty.


            "What on earth would give you such an idea?" Marty taunted. "Besides, why would I seduce someone who everyone thinks should be the last person I'd ever be with?"


            "Hmm, I'm not sure, but I think it has a little something to do with this." Jason whispered lustily as he pulled Marty in for a passionate kiss. "Oh, yeah, that's definitely one of my favorite reasons as to what this is about."


Marty smiled to himself as he felt the gentle swaying of his hips against Jason as they sort of danced to the music coming from the radio. "And to think I didn't want to dance like this with him," he quipped to himself silently. Marty had his head resting against Jasons chest as they moved around the room before falling onto the bed.

            Jasons pulse seemed to be pounding in his ears as he began stroking a finger into Martys most intimate opening. When Marty nodded silently, Jason slowly began to slide into him. The speed and intensity increased as Marty wrapped his legs around Jason's back. Before Jason, he'd never been face to face when making love to another man and he decided that it was probably the biggest thing he'd ever missed out on.

            Monday morning came too soon as Marty had spent the better part of the night watching Jason as he slept. Grudgingly, he dragged himself out of the bed and into the shower to get ready to go to practice. When Jason woke almost an hour later, he was startled to find Marty's side of the bed empty and cold. Then he looked over and almost fell out of bed at the sight before him Marty was doing his complete stretching routine. Not that Jason minded watching Marty stretch, he'd seen it a million times before, but never had he seen it quite like this. Marty was stretched out in a complete splits and he was stark naked.


            "What are you trying to do to me?" Jason asked as he sat up on the side of the bed.


            "Nothing - I always stretch like this on game days." Marty said. "You slept through it on Saturday."


            "Damn, from now on, make sure I'm awake for this." Jason replied with a wink. "Well, I guess I'm going to go take a nice, cold shower."


            "I saved plenty of hot water for you." Marty replied as he shifted positions on the floor.


            "That's not why I'll be taking a cold shower, love." Jason said as he planted a kiss on the top of Marty's head.


            They arrived at the Pond for the game at pretty much the usual time. Tip was telling everyone to keep their heads in the game and play as hard and as physical as they had on Saturday. The entire team nodded in agreement before taking the ice for warm ups. Jason stood to the side for a few minutes watching Marty stretch again. He had just started to skate over to him when he felt someone's hand on his shoulder.


            "So, did he give you the show yet?" Brenden asked. "I hope you can deal with it, because it's why I voted that he needed a room to himself."


            "If youre talking about his stretching this morning, yeah, I saw the show." Jason said with a grin.


            "Oh, God, you're totally gone on him if it didnt bother you in the least to look at him turn himself into a naked pretzel." Bren said a look that wasn't quite shock and wasnt quite understanding crossing his face.


            "Well, I'm sure Mike has his quirks, too." Jason replied before skating off to take a few warm up shots.


            The game started off the way the Stars had wanted it to taking a 1-0 to the room at the intermission. That was quickly erased and they seemed to play for a tie for the rest of the game something that in the end, they fell short of as their season ended with a 4-3 final score. The line for the obligatory handshakes was beyond painful for the guys in green and gold, but was almost livened up when Marty and Giguere got in each others faces for a brief moment.

            Finally back in the relative sanctuary of their locker room, the Stars got ready for the trip home from the last road game for the 2002-2003 season. Few words were spoken and even less glances were exchanged except for those between Marty and Jason. Jason didn't know what exactly had been said between the two goalies, but he knew that it took every ounce of willpower that Marty possessed to keep from flattening his counterpart with a stiff punch. They got back to the hotel and up to the room in silence. Marty was pacing in front of the window like a caged animal Jason had no idea how to get him to open up when he finally heard a sound from the other man in the room.


            "I can't believe its over just like that." He sobbed as he snapped his fingers. "We should've gone to the finals. We should be winning the cup again."


           " Marty, maybe it is their time - who knows." Jason said as he got up and tried to put his arms around Marty.


            "You might want to go stay with Bren tonight. I'm not going to be good company." Marty said quietly as he shrugged away from Jason.


            "I'm not going anywhere." Jason replied. "Like it or not, you're stuck with me and Im going to get you out of this mood youre in."


            "Yeah, and how the fuck do you think youre gonna do that?" Marty asked as Jason wrapped his arms around him.


            "By taking care of you - just let me take care of everything, love." Jason said as he kissed Marty's forehead.


            Marty lay on the bed staring up at the ceiling while Jason was doing things in the bathroom. When he came in and began dragging Marty from the bed, Marty wasn't going to follow him.


            "What are you doing?" He asked as Jason pulled his shirt off of him. "I can undress myself, you know."


            "I'm well aware of that, but I'm going to do everything right now." Jason replied. "And I've run you a nice, hot bath. Were going to go and enjoy it."


With a slight measure of uncertainty, Marty followed Jason into the bathroom and then allowed himself to relax against Jason's chest as the hot, sudsy water covered him to the middle of his chest. Jason took his time and slowly washed all of Marty's anger over the game down the drain with the bath water. For a change, Marty was the one who slept while Jason watched over him.

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