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RAW THOUGHTS - June 3, 2002
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SMACKDOWN review for 3/28/02

All I can truly say about last night's show is, well, WOW!!!!
I was cheering for the Dudleyz to beat the Ambiguously Gay Duo (read: Billy & Chucky), but at least they split with a lot of respect for each other and from the fans.
I don't know how many out there are willing to agree with me on this, but Rob Van Dam is HOT!!! And those singlets he wears to the ring just show off that fine rear of his to perfection. Test sucks...I mean the guy needs to rework his gimmick - and fast.
The APA closed it's door for the final time last night....pass me a tissue. This is another great team that was disbanded just to satisfy Ric and Vince's egos...Oh, well, I guess all good things must come to an end. But it was just sad to see them turn the sign over to say "Sorry We're Closed."
Main Event: Triple H & Ric Flair vs. Kurt "You Suck" Angle and Vince "You're an Asshole" McMahon...This match was great until the Undertaker got involved. There was a lot of good moves, intensity and humor in this match...And the Taker had to go and ruin it. Okay, so I know they have to set up the match between him and Hunter for the next PPV, but that was just a stupid ending for an otherwise good match.

By the way, Kane was hilarious imitating Hogan and Rock's shtick...Classic moment. Y2Jackoff and Matt Hardy could've been a good match. And as much as I enjoy watching Lita I think Matt's capable of wrestling a clean match on his own, PLEASE!!!!