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RAW THOUGHTS - June 3, 2002
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Daily Log Page for 4/3/02

RAW thoughts for April 1, 2002

Well, SPLIT Happens....I guess Raw was okay Monday night. Unfortunately, Vince kept his word and showed up...APRIL FOOLS - Stone Cold belongs to RAW...
As far as the matchs went...1. Enjoyed RVD and Booker T...too bad they missed too many spots. Can't wait to see RVD and Eddy hook up at BACKLASH...
2. Spike def. Regal....another one for the good guys.
3. Trish & Terri - hmmm, how in the world is the women's division going to gain legitimacy if they keep booking them in sleazy gimmick matches...Bikinis, Paddles on a pole, Jello, WHATEVER!
Damn, Undertaker, can't you let someone else get their props without interjecting yourself into the situation. I mean you totally ruined the mystique of having a brand new Undisputed Championship Belt. GRRRR. Well, I guess we'll see if the match proposed between the two of them for Backlash actually happens.

Hopefully, SMACKDOWN will be exciting.