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KING OF THE RING Thoughts..........

Where's my coffee or caffienated IV?!!!

Should've been the way KOTR 2002 Ended, DAMMIT!

Well, another exciting (yawn) WWE payperview has came and went....and all I'm left with are a few thoughts and a really, really angry feeling whenever someone says anything about The Rock, a rock or anything that has to do with rocks..... Okay on to match thoughts.... In a 20+ minute match, RVD beat Y2J...A good solid match - from both sides. Rob and Chris work just about as well together as Rob does with Eddie Guerrero and I could watch more of them! I was impressed with this match and after most of the crap I've seen lately, it raised my hopes almost unneccessarily for the remainder of the show to be just as good. Dammit! In an approx 15min match, Brock beat Test, but this one could've gone either way at anytime and the true difference maker was Heyman. I believe that if it wasn't for Heyman's distration toward the end, Test would've gotten the 1-2-3 after the boot to the face that Brock was still shaking off after the match was over. Whooo, Hooo - Score one for the Trailer Trash!!!! Jamie Noble def. Hurricane...I'm truly scared when I'm watching a match and find myself cheering for a guy who likes to believe he's a comic book hero. However, this match did provide the funniest piece of commentary from JR..."King, it looks like those two need a Body Condom." I never thought I'd the phrase "Body Condom" on a 'rasslin show. Ric Flair def. Eddie Guerrero....As if Austin walking out didn't damage Eddie's push enough, then he jobs to Ric. Where is the justice in the world? I'll comment more on the lack of justice later. Unfortunately, Benoit's presence at ringside was a waste of time for him to walk down there and Eddie gets rewarded by being punked out by Bubba Dudley...Hopefully, we can get some good matches between Bubba and Eddie out of this. Molly def. Trish...Okay, so now we have a new Women's Champion.....So, let's see what she can do with it. Funniest moment of the show: Booker, Goldust and Rock....I thoroughly enjoyed their segment. Goldust was absolutely as funny as usual - even in the role of being the butt of Booker's and Rock's jokes. Kurt def. Hogan!!!! Okay, so Hogan got the wig off of Kurt and Kurt missed hitting Hogan and in turn bashed himself in the head with a chair....At least once he got that ankle lock on Grandpa Hogan he didn't let go until Hogan finally tapped. I'm still kinda in shock that they've had Hogan job at more PPV's since he's been back than he's won at. Too bad, as good as he is, Kurt couldn't carry Hogan's carcass to a completely enjoyable match. Note to Vinnie Mac: You shoulda let Hogan retire after Judgment Day!!! KOTR Final. Brock def. RVD....As soon as this was set as the final match I knew we wouldn't see King Van Dam......Rob's over well enough without the KOTR title, but I still think that Brock would be more over if he ditched he agent/manager/handler???!!! I mean there was a time that it was way too close to call when Heyman almost cost Brock that match. He looked like he was gonna have a coronary or something. If Brock had lost - it would've been a good thing that Heyman had on dark pants. Hunter/NWO segment: I wasn't surprised to see Hunter interact with the rest of the members of the KLIQ, but Hunter had this look on his face like he was being ambushed when he walked through the door on his way to the ring and came face to face with Shawn, Kevin, X-Punk and Slow....And when he walked off and Kevin told him if he needed them they had his back - he didn't return the Kliq/NWO hand sign. In fact he looked pretty intimidated at the time after he'd been hugged by the remaing members of the kliq and ended up face to face with Big Slow...Why do I have a feeling that this is another instance of something being done that the story will just miraculously disappear. Taker def. Hunter........How many other people are as disappointed as I am? 1. What was Heyman doing at the announce table for the match? 2. Why did the Rock need to get involved and come out? Hunter was actually wrestling a good, clean match. He had no outside interferrence in his favor. Not even the NWO showed (with the exception of HBK) their ugly mugs at ringside. But still we have Heyman practically sitting in Jerry's lap going on and on about how it didn't matter who one the title because Brock would take it from them at SummerSlam (Dear God, please grant the writing team enough of a mutual brain to not give Brock the belt at SummerSlam!!!! I'll do just about anything to keep that from happening.) The whole deal between Heyman and Rock - like why would Brock go in and attack the Rock? Does anybody even care if it had happened? Uh, maybe some of Rocky's Hollywood producers would prefer to have they star keep his leading man looks...... All of those things being said, I realize that we need to legitimize the title by leaving it on someone for longer than 1 month and, I also realize that Hunter is working with two injuries that Dr. Andrews has said he really should have surgery to correct, but can we stop the insanity already of having Taker with the belt. If Taker still has the belt at SummerSlam (I highly doubt) that would be the only reason I would cheer for Brock to take it...I have a feeling that we will have a triple threat match at Vengeance next month with Rock, Taker and Hunter for the Title. Just from the way the debacle (hrm, title match) played out last night. OR we'll have Hunter facing off with the Rock just because Rock cost him the belt. Best thing about the match was when Taker pinned Hunter because the damn thing was over.....I wanted Hunter to win and there were several instances that he should've won.

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