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Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Hunter, or any WWFE, Inc. personality mentioned in this story. Shana is mine. I am also borrowing the lyrics to Def Leppard's song "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad." Please don't sue, I have nothing!!!!

Staring out the window at the clouds below, Hunter mused quietly about the downward spiral his marriage was on. Stephanie was going to spend the weekend moving her things out of his home and back into her parents house - at least that was what she'd told him that she was going to do. Even though it was yesterdays news that shed been cheating on him with Kurt, he still couldnt stand to watch her pack her things and go because he knew his ears would be filled with the sound of his own heart breaking.

The plane landed in San Antonio a short time later - Shawn had agreed to let Hunter stay down there a few days while he sorted his feelings out. As he walked through the airport, he saw a girl a few feet in front of him trip and fall. Immediately, he stepped forward to try to help her gather her things and get back to her feet. He looked down into a pair of the deepest green eyes hed ever seen. Her auburn-brown hair was falling across her face softly as she smiled up at him. She thanked him for his assistance and then scurried off without realizing that she'd left behind one of her books. Hunter tucked it under his arm and started to follow after her, but she disappeared within the crowd. Disheartened, he trudged toward the rental car counter and then left for Shawn's ranch.

He pulled up outside the house and sat quietly in the car for a while. Curiosity got the better of him and he opened the ornately covered book that the young woman had dropped in the airport. Inside the front cover was her name and address. He smiled at the flowing curves of her handwriting - they seemed to resemble the soft, ultimately feminine curves of her body. He turned the page and found himself face to face with a masterfully drawn portrait of himself. He trailed his index finger along the soft pencil line that formed the shape of his jaw on the page. Then he noticed that the portrait appeared to be superimposed over either a short poem or part of a song lyric.

Here I am in the wrong bed again

Its a game I just cant win

There you go breathing soft on my skin

Still you wont let me in

Shana Nichols pulled her beat up, black Beretta into a parking space in front of her tiny San Marcos apartment. She was tired and still hurting over how things had fallen apart with her boyfriend of six years. He opened her thesis sketchbook and found a portrait that Shana had drawn of her favorite wrestler; Triple H. David had spent most of the night yelling at her about her unhealthy her obsession with a man she'd never meet was - for both her and their relationship. Shana was supposed to spend the weekend with him in Orlando, but she decided that it was better for her to go home. She told David that their relationship was over and headed for the airport. Her mind was drawn to the guy that had helped her out in the airport - he looked an awful lot like Triple H, but she decided it was just her mind playing tricks on her after the fight with David and how tired she was.

After dumping her bags at the foot of her bed, she decided to take a hot bubble bath. She poured some strawberry-scented liquid into the tub and went to turn the radio in the bedroom on. She slipped under the bubbles as her tears began to fall again. She was pissed about throwing away the time with David - but she was most angered by his irrational jealousy. She slid deeper into the hot suds as she listened to one of her favorite songs as it played on the radio.

Why save your kisses for a rainy day

Baby let the moment steal your heart away

Have you ever need someone so bad

Have you ever wanted someone you just couldnt have

Have you ever tried so hard that your world just fell apart

And youre the girl I gotta have

I gotta have you baby

Her bath water was getting cold when she got out of the tub. Shana had just wrapped a towel around herself when her phone started ringing. She started to let it go to the Call Notes - she figured it was David - but she grabbed it anyway.

"Uh, hello." Her voice carried across the line. "Is anyone there?"

"Uh, yeah, hi." Hunters voice met her ear. "Yeah, could I speak to Shana Nichols, please?"

"You got her, what do you need?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

"Well, I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the guy that helped you up in the airport this afternoon." He stammered. "Anyhow, you dropped one your books - a sketchbook - and I found your name and number in it and wanted to return it to you."

"Well, do you wanna mail it or do you want to meet somewhere?" Shana asked, her heart pounding as she remember how much the guy at the airport reminded her of Triple H. "How well do you know the area?"

"Not too well, but I can find the Hard Rock Café on the Riverwalk." He answered softly.

"Okay, the Hard Rock it is - what do you say, eight o'clock?" Shana asked, excited at the prospect of seeing this guy again.

"See you there." Hunter replied.

"Uh, I didnt get your name." Shana said right before they hung up.

"Hunter, my name's Hunter." He answered.

After he hung up, Shana stared at her phone in disbelief. She must have misunderstood - he couldn't have said that his name was Hunter. Blindly, she went to her closet and stared at everything in it. She looked over at the clock on her nightstand - it was 6:45. She pulled out an emerald green off-the-shoulder sweater and a tan suede skirt. Out of her underwear drawer, she retrieved an emerald green lace bra and matching thong panties. Part of her was thinking that she was as crazy as David claimed, while another part of her wanted to be dressed to impress, just in case. She pulled her clothes on and then put on enough make up to highlight her high cheekbones and bring out the color of her eyes. She slipped a pair of tan suede strapped Candies on her feet and headed back out to her car.

She drove like a crazy woman to get back into to downtown San Antonio by 8:00. She pulled into the parking garage closest to the Hard Rock at 7:55. She flipped the mirror on her visor down and touched up her lipstick before she headed for the door. When she walked in, Hunter was sitting at the bar alone. She took a deep breath and then put on her best smile as she heard her favorite song playing again.

There you go, midnight promises again

But theyre broken by the dawn

You want to go faster, further everyday, baby

In the morning youll be gone

And Im alone

"Is this seat taken?" She whispered seductively as she put her hand on the back of the barstool next to him.

"I'm waiting for someone." He answered without looking up from his beer. "But, I think she's going to be late."

"Hunter, you've forgotten me already." Shana replied - feigning that she was hurt. "Well, I guess I'll just take my book and be leaving."

"Shana, I'm sorry. I didn't even look up to see it was you." He answered as he turned around to face her. "Wow, you look beautiful."

"Oh, please, Im nothing compared to what you're probably used to." She answered shyly, looking down at the floor.

"What would you know about what kind of women I'm in to, other than right now and at the airport this afternoon, I don't recall us meeting before." He inquired brusquely.

"Well, I must admit that I know who you are and I've seen your wife before." Shana answered as she slid onto the barstool beside him. "You deserve better than her, you know. She has no clue how lucky she is if she can throw you away for Kurt Angle, of all people."

Hunter smiled as he handed her book to her. He ordered her a drink and then requested a table for them to have dinner. They opened up to each other about their failed relationships. She enjoyed the smile that toyed across his exceptionally kissable lips when she explained why she and David split. After they ate, she coaxed him out onto the dance floor. He pulled her close and she relaxed against him. Hell, she thought, for a rebound thing this aint bad. They finally left when the place closed at 2:00am. Hunter looked lost for a moment and then admitted hed taken a cab from Shawn's house to the Hard Rock. Shana led him over to her car and apologized for the sorry shape it was in. He smiled and told it was okay; everyone had their share of crappy cars at one time or another.

"So, where am I taking you?" She asked quietly.

"Why dont we go to your place?" He asked, a sensuous tone dripping from his voice.

"Well, it's kinda far from here. I live in San Marcos." She admitted. "I'm going to school there - working on my masters in Art."

"I never would have guessed. " He said with a laugh as he patted the sketchbook that he was holding.

Shana kind of rolled her eyes at him as she opened the car and started it up. They had barely made it to New Braunfels when he put his hand on her knee. She looked over at him sideways and he moved it back to his own lap. She had just exited the interstate when she felt his hand on her thigh again. This time it was halfway between her knee and her crotch. His fingertips were gently kneading the soft flesh as she finished driving down to the square. She parked the car and told him that they were there. He looked at her in disbelief when he realized that they were parked in front of a lawyer's office.

"I have the loft above Jack's office." She explained.

"Oh, okay." He answered as he grabbed her book and followed her into the building.

Why save your kisses for a rainy day

Baby let the moment take your heart away

Have you ever needed someone so bad, yea

Have you ever wanted someone you just couldnt have

Did you ever try so hard

That your world just fell apart

Have you ever need someone so bad

And youre the girl I gotta have

I gotta have you, baby

Shana was humming the song as she went about the loft turning on lights and music before checking any messages on her phone. The Caller ID was blinking - it was David. Hed called several times and she deleted the information of the blinking box and left the Call Notes alone. She kicked her shoes off and then went back into the living room area of the loft. Hunter was sitting on the couch listening to messages on his cell phone. Shana grabbed her sketchbook and a pencil and started sketching him as he called Shawn to tell him not to worry about him.

When he put his phone away, he turned to her and tried to steal a peek at the current sketch. She closed the book and put it down on the table. He crooked his finger and called her over to him. She looked at him and then slid closer to him on the couch.

"So, where were we?" He breathed against her ear softly.

"This feels just about right." Shana answered as she began unbuttoning his shirt.

Their clothes were tossed carelessly about the living room when he finally lifted her to carry her into the bedroom. Hunter laid her down on the bed carefully and then slowly eased his way between her spread legs. She looked down his body and noticed that his cock had to be about the largest one shed ever encountered. He slowly began to thrust into her and she squeezed her eyes shut tightly as her body adjusted itself to be able to fully take him. He moved slowly until he felt her relax. She called his name loudly as she climaxed - the tightening of her body pushing him over the edge into his own orgasm. Without a word, he rolled off of her and slipped into a deep slumber amongst the tangled bedding. Shana lay awake for a while - she looked over at the man in her bed, marveling at how his muscles continued to move magnificently even while he slept. Not wanting to loose the moment, she got out of bed and slipped into the oversized tank top hanging off the bedpost. She grabbed a canvas that she'd stretched a couple of days before and began to sketch a painting of Hunter while he was sleeping.

He opened his sleepy eyes several hours later - the clock facing him said it was 10:27 in the morning. Next to him on Shana's pillow was a note.


I went to a meeting with my painting Professor. I should be back by around 11:00 am.


He stretched and then looked around the room. In the corner was a painting that he didn't remember seeing the night before. Wrapping a sheet around him, he walked over to look at it. He realized that she'd obviously been inspired by their lovemaking. He also noticed the song lyric in the back of this one. It was the last lines of the song that was behind the picture in her sketchbook.

Every dream I dream is like

Some kind of rash and reckless scene

To give out such crazy love

You must be some kind of drug

And if my time dont ever come

For me youre still the one

Damned if I dont, damned if I do

I gotta get a fix on you

He heard her key turn in the lock as he continued to appraise her painting. She walked into the bedroom when she noticed that he was awake and looking at her work.

"So, do you like it?" She asked softly as she slipped up behind him.

"Yeah, I don't think I've ever been painted like that before." He turned and smiled. "So, where do we go from here?"

"I don't know, Hunter." She answered as she sat down on the bed. "Were both on the rebound - and that isn't the best way to start a new relationship."

"Yeah, I know." Hunter said as he sat down beside her. "But I think what happened was what we both needed."

"Definitely." Shana answered. "You know, that was my favorite song for years, but until last night I never really understood it. Have you ever needed someone so bad - funny, I didn't used to think I needed anyone that badly."

"Me either." Hunter whispered. "So, what are we doing today?"

"More of last night sounds good." She whispered as she caught his mouth in a breathless kiss.




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