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A Lesson in Human Relations

 DISCLAIMER: I don't own anyone (i.e. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, or Kurt Angle) mentioned in this story. It is a work of fiction and a twisted little creation of my dirty little mind. Nothing in here has actually happened and I'm not implying that it will or has.

RATING: R (definitely, possibly even X) for S&M themes, non-consensual sex acts, and violence; M/M sex; M/F sex.


Hunter stood just behind the stage curtain, waiting for his cue to go to the ring. Kurt was already down there, making an ass out of himself, as usual. The crowd erupted when the "Start Game" graphic began to flash across the Titan Tron and the hard-edged sounds of Motorhead began to reverberate from the building's speakers. However, the audience missed Kurt's facial expression, more the way he licked his lips, anticipating Hunter's presence in the ring. Hunter stepped through the ropes and walked straight up to Kurt. Standing this close to a man he lusted after from afar, the Olympian could feel his stomach knotting up and beads of sweat forming on his top lip.
      The smirk on Hunter's face seemed to taunt Kurt that The Game knew what was on his mind. Kurt breathed in deeply, taking in as much of Hunter's scent as he could possibly pull up into his nostrils at one time. An unusual emotion flashed across Hunter's eyes and Kurt realized that it was doubtful that he'd ever get anywhere close to what he wanted from Hunter. Before raising the microphone to his mouth, Hunter mouthed to Kurt "I'm not that way." Kurt decided that he had to prove Hunter that he could be if he'd give it a try.

      "So, let me get this straight." Hunter said, with heavy emphasis on the word straight. "If you win our Hell in a Cell match at Backlash, I'm going to be your personal slave for one night. However, if you lose, you will leave the WWF for good?"

      "Yeah, Hunter, that's right." Kurt said with a lascivious grin. "After Backlash you will be my bitch for the longest night of your life. And just so you can be in practice, you can start calling me "Master Kurt." 

      "No, you can start updating your resume, bitch." Hunter growled as he landed a punch squarely to Kurt's jaw. "Cause, I will never bow down to you - especially not as your slave."

      Hunter dropped the microphone on the canvas next to Kurt's fallen form and headed back up the ramp. Before he got behind the curtain, Kurt had recovered enough to make one last threat. 

      "Triple H, you can walk away from me now." Kurt spat venomously. "But on Sunday, I'll be leading you out of the arena by a leash and collar."

Behind the curtain, Hunter shook from head to toe with anger. The thought of
being forced to wear a leash and collar by Kurt Angle - just the thought of it - was much too humiliating for him to think about. However, he wasn't stupid and he knew that he was slated to lose the match at Backlash because with Kurt going to compete in the Olympics again, and by doing so he was going to be putting too much money in Vince's pockets for him to lose his job.
Hunter walked back to his dressing room and changed clothes to head for the hotel. His back was hurting and he felt somewhat sick to his stomach. He was starting to regret breaking up with Stephanie, because he knew that this match was her perverted attempt at revenge. He still cared about her, but he just wasn't in love with her and when she started talking about them getting married after dating for a couple of years, he bolted. He decided that it had been a massive mistake for him to get involved with the girl in the first place.
Entering his hotel room, he carelessly tossed his bag on the floor. After stripping down and turning on the TV, he flopped down on the bed to try to get some rest before he flew out for the Smackdown taping in San Diego the next night. He channel surfed for a while and then decided to turn it off and just try to get some sleep. 
Hunter's wake up call seemed to come way too early as he'd tossed and turned all night without being able to get much sleep. He took a shower and got ready to go to the airport. On the way out of the hotel, he stopped in the restaurant to get some breakfast. The flight to San Diego was standard - the usual charter that Vince had put together for a West Coast tour. He tried to get some more sleep on the plane, but found it next to impossible when Kurt sat next to him. Kurt was listening to some awful music on his headphones and it was so loud that Hunter could hear it - that or Kurt's head was actually as hollow as his usual blank expression indicated. When the plane landed, Hunter got his bags and headed for the hotel. After checking in, he called home to talk to his mother and then went to a gym to try to get rid of some of the pent up frustration and anger he was harboring. The workout was good for his body, but did little to ease his mind or soothe the turmoil in his soul. On his way to the arena, he grabbed a bite to eat. He sat at the table alone, wondering just how ridiculous he was going to look to everyone after Sunday. Vince had told him it was a temporary story line and nothing more would come of it. Hunter tried to talk Stephanie out of doing the story in the first place, but she told him that since he wasn't ready for a commitment with her, she'd teach him about how much of a nightmare another kind of commitment could be.
The day of Backlash seemed to drag on. Hunter knew that his match with Kurt was the last one on the card so there was no getting out of the arena early. He sat in his locker room most of the day fuming. About twenty minutes before he and Kurt were supposed to go on, there was a knock on the door. Kurt was standing there with a leather collar, a chain and leather leash and a small leather bag. He told Hunter that the contents of the bag were toys for him to be entertained with after the match. Kurt walked off with a huge smile on his face.
The crowd booed loudly as Kurt made his way to the ring with the leash and
collar in his hand. The referee took them from him and then allowed him to enter the cage. Hunter came down to the ring next; his walk was painfully slow. When both men were in the cage, the ref ordered for the bell to be rung. Hunter mounted a good offense to start the match, but Kurt shifted the momentum and the match started to take a vicious and dangerous turn. Within
minutes, blood was pouring from a gash across Hunter's forehead. From that point, Kurt's victory was academic. Hunter hung on for a while after Kurt put the ankle lock on him, but eventually, he blacked out from the pain. Five minutes later, he woke to find the collar snuggly fitted around his neck. Kurt then snapped the leash to it and began to tug him to his feet. Hunter was so humiliated that as he followed Kurt to the backstage area, he hung his head so that his long blonde locks would shield his face from view. Kurt took the leash and collar off of him long enough to get stitches in his forehead and to take a shower. When Hunter walked out to get dressed after the shower, Kurt revealed the other person that Hunter would have to be submissive to - Stephanie. As much as he wasn't in love with her, seeing her in an ultra-short black leather dress and thigh-high boots with stiletto heels turned him on.
Stephanie then told Hunter that his forced servitude was not only for vignettes to be aired during RAW the next night - it was for real that evening. He was going to be rooming with Kurt and her. He would only be out of his bondage and slave gear when they were in public. She then told him that he was going to be as humiliated as he'd humiliated her and Kurt on different occasions. She then ordered him to get dressed so that they could leave for the hotel.
They arrived at the Hilton twenty minutes later. Hunter carried their luggage in as Kurt got them a room. Against his usual, Hunter had left his hair down, so that he could hide his face as they went up to the room.  When they entered, Stephanie instructed him as to where to put the bags and then handed him a small paper sack and told him to go into the bathroom and change. She also told him that once he came back out of the bathroom, that he was no longer allowed to walk, he had to be on his hands and knees. He retreated behind the bathroom door and opened the paper bag to find that it contained a leather zippered thong, and some fur-lined leather cuffs for his wrists and ankles. Swallowing hard, he began to take his clothes off so that he could change. The thong wasn't big enough and his cock and balls were pinched tightly. After he had the cuffs in place, he got on his knees and crawled back into the room. Kurt immediately walked over to him and put the collar and leash back around his neck. Stephanie then ordered him to sit back on his haunches and look up at her.
While she was telling Hunter the rules that he was supposed to abide by while he was their captive, Kurt was busy getting his own cock hard. He nodded at Stephanie when he was ready for Hunter. Stephanie turned Hunter's head to his right so that his nose brushed against Kurt's hardened member. Hunter looked up at Kurt and could see the devilish glint lighting his blue eyes.

"Slave, you do know how to suck, don't you?" Kurt inquired, not really caring whether Hunter had ever given a blowjob or not. "So, as you used to say so eloquently, suck it!"

"Alright, Slave, start sucking." Stephanie ordered as she tugged roughly enough on the leash to force Hunter to open his mouth to try to get air.

Kurt then began to fuck Hunter's mouth. When the other man's cock brushed the back of his throat, Hunter began to gag and cough. Kurt then tangled his hands in Hunter's hair and forced him to continue to keep his mouth wrapped around the cock that was in it. When Kurt finally was to the point of coming, he pulled out and sprayed his load all over Hunter's face and chest. Stephanie then took a washcloth and roughly washed Hunter's face and chest off before ordering him to unzip his thong. She then ordered him to get on the bed and spread his hands and feet toward the four corners of the bed.
Kurt then bound him to the bedposts. Stephanie then excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned, was carrying the ice bucket filled with hot water, a razor and a can of shaving cream. Hunter tried to thrash about on the bed, but he was secured too tightly to move. 

"Kurt, be a dear and put the gag in his mouth, please." She requested,

Kurt retrieved a red ball gag from the leather bag that he'd shown Hunter earlier and forced the object into Hunter's mouth. Stephanie then knelt on the bed between his legs and had Kurt sit beside him and hold the water for her. She took a washcloth out of the bucket and began to wet Hunter's pubic hair. After she felt it was sufficiently wet, she then began to spread the shaving cream around on his balls. Hunter squeezed his eyes tightly shut as he felt Stephanie manipulating his penis and sack as she shaved the entire area bald. She then told Kurt that he would have to get Hunter into position on his hands and knees so that he could also be shaved around his anus. Kurt then repositioned Hunter on the bed so that his head and chest were resting in the bed and his ass was in the air with his cheeks spread wide. Stephanie slowly pulled the thong down to just below where his buttocks curved into the backs of his thighs. She stroked the entire area between his buttocks with a wet cloth - even going so far as to occasionally push her cloth covered finger into his puckered opening. When he tried to pull away from the intrusion, she smacked him hard. He felt some of the shaving foam slide into his opening as she spread it and then felt the cool metal of the razor as she shaved him. When she was satisfied, Kurt then decided to give everything one final inspection.  He unfastened the clips on the sides of the thong so that he could reach all of Hunter's freshly shaven areas. Hunter bit down on the gag as Kurt's cool hands explored the most intimate areas of his body.

"Well, I guess it's time to show the slave who truly is in control here." Kurt said with a sneer. "Stephanie would you like to fuck him first or should I?"

"Oh, Kurt, why don't you do the honors." Stephanie said with an evil tone to
her voice. "Besides, I've already had him."

Hunter squeezed his eyes tightly shut as Kurt then began to lube his tight hole. Kurt took his time, probing in all directions with one finger before adding a second and then a third. Hunter felt his own body betray him when Kurt's finger found a certain spot within him. He was unable to protest against Stephanie's addition of a tight cock ring to his straining erection. Stephanie sat down by Hunter's face and pulled his hair back into a ponytail so that she could see the look in his eyes and expression on his face when Kurt penetrated him.
Hunter's head snapped backward when he felt the searing pain from the unwanted penetration. Kurt nodded his head at Stephanie when she mouthed,
"First Time?" at him. Her evil laugh carried through the room and echoed in Hunter's mind for a while. Hunter immediately felt sick to his stomach when he felt Kurt shoot his load deep inside his rectum.

"Not bad for a rookie." Kurt commented as he pulled out.

He then took the washcloth from the bucket and cleaned himself off. Stephanie then ordered Hunter to lie down on his back. He winced when his ass made contact with the bed. Once he was again bound in a spread eagle position, Stephanie told him that she and Kurt would go to bed together in the room's other bed. He looked down at his still ringed erection and then back at Stephanie.

      "Well, Kurt, how good do you think our little slave has been tonight?" She asked with a saccharin-sweet tone to her voice. "Does he deserve a little release?"

      "I suppose so." Kurt answered as he knelt between Hunter's spread legs. "First, I guess we can take this off of him. Now, let's get down to business."

      Hunter slightly shook his head "no" when Kurt started to go down on him. Thankfully, he came quickly and didn't have to watch Kurt's head bob up and down along his member for an exceptionally long amount of time. Stephanie then removed the gag and turned the light out above Hunter's bed out. He spent the rest of the night bound to his bed listening to Kurt and Stephanie fucking.
      The next morning, after she and Kurt had both showered and gotten dressed for the day, Stephanie released Hunter from the bed. He was given implicit instructions to take care of everything he needed to that morning while he was in the bathroom. Once the door was closed and he could again stand up, Hunter looked at himself in the mirror. He was hoping to find "The Game" staring back at him. He hand his hand over his now bald privates and found the rage he was looking for. After getting a shower and taking care of necessities, Hunter walked out of the bathroom. Stephanie immediately turned on him and began berating him for not following orders. He shoved her down on one of the beds. Kurt turned around and started to attack Hunter.

      "The two of you had a lot of perverse fun at my expense last night." Hunter seethed. "Well, let's get one fucking thing straight, I signed a contract for what would go down at the arena only. I will not touch either of you again and as of this point, the contract is null and void." 

      "Oh, is that so." Stephanie said as she stood. "Well, in that case, you are free to go. Our public point was made last night when you were forced to leave the ring and then the arena itself with you being led around by a collar and leash. Besides, Kurt got what he wanted, didn't you, baby?"

      "Oh, yeah, Steph I got what I wanted. I got to fuck the untouchable Mr. Helmsley." Kurt said with a smug grin. "Hell, even Taker can't say that. I didn't want to keep you around forever, Hunter, I just wanted to take you down a notch from your holier than thou attitude about those of us who aren't so straight that we are not oblivious to the way people of our own gender can feel about us. You see, I tried to let you know how I felt about you, but you mocked me. You publicly called me a faggot - I'm not exactly gay, you know. However, I'm not exactly straight, either."

      "Is that what this is all about?" Hunter asked as he looked into their faces. "This is about the two of you paying me back for spurning your affection. Oh, my fucking God! How can the two of you look at yourselves in the mirror? This is far from over, Kurt, your ass is mine."

      "Oooh, I was hoping you'd see things my way." Kurt said wistfully. "How do you want it, Hunter? I can bend over right now, drop on my hands and knees or maybe we can lay face to face."

      The muscle along Hunter's jaw began to tighten as he clenched his teeth tightly together to keep his composure. He then punched Kurt as hard as he possibly could before leaving the room. He took his luggage and ran from the room. His head was pounding and his stomach was hurting. He hailed a cab as soon as he got outside and went straight to the arena. He had decided exactly how he was going to get his revenge on them. No one humiliated The Game and got away with it. No one.

THE END (or is it....)