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A Brief History of the man that causes wrestling fans everywhere to chant:


Born a month early and the youngest of three children, Rob Van Dam certainly didn't start off his life in the fashion of what most would expect to be fitting of an electrifying entertainer. Yet, the Battle Creek, Michigan native has been changing people's minds and challenging their attitudes regarding his abilities for years.

He began his professional wrestling career approximately twelve years ago after being trained by the Original Sheik. (The Sheik's nephew, Sabu, was RVD's tag team partner in ECW and they were trained at the same time.) RVD had initially planned on being trained by Killer Kowalski, however finance and the distance he'd be from home helped him settle on the Sheik who's place was approximately 45 minutes from his parent's home.

After making his early rounds in the independent circuits, Rob landed a short-term job with WCW. Then dubbed Robbie V, Rob had limited success and was unable to really flourish due to the booking situation and certain in-ring rules that WCW referees enforced during matches. He then left to continue to hone his craft in Japan.

When he returned from Japan, and after quite a bit of haggling, Rob joined ECW. While there he reigned an unprecedented 23 months as the ECW Television Champion. He was never defeated and was forced to vacate his title due to a broken leg and an ultimatum from Cyrus.

Except for a brief stint in 1997 (which he competed with the WWF), Rob remained in ECW until it folded due to financial problems. He then entered the WWF as a permanent competitor in July 2001 as part of the WCW/ECW Invasion angle. Since he arrived in the WWF, (now WWE) he has held the Hardcore Championship and the Intercontinental Championship.



If you wish to attempt to contact Rob, your best bet would be to write to him through the WWE offices at the address below.

       Rob Van Dam

    c/o World Wrestling Entertainment

    1241 E. Main Street ~ Box 3857

    Stamford, CT  06905


Fast RVD Facts:


Real Name:  Robert Szatkowski
Date of Birth: December 18, 1970
Education: High School - Pennfield HS, Battle Creek, MI
Family History: Youngest of 3 children. Rob has both an older brother and sister.
First Professional Role: Wrestled in WCW from 1992 - early 1993 as Robbie V.
Astrological Sign: Sagitarius
Spouse: Sonya
Pet: Xena (a chihuahua)
Titles Held:ECW Television Champion (April 98 - March 2000); ECW Tag Team Champion; WWE Hardcore Champion - 3 times; WWE Intercontinental Champion - 3 times


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