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Author: Frala & Christy
Rating: NC-17 Slash, sooo PWP.
Characters: Mike Cammalleri, Adam Deadmarsh, Trent Klatt, Sean Avery, Luc Robitaille, Zigmund Palffy
Summary: Frala and I got left in chat one night and had way too much time on our hands and far too much talking about coffee. I promise it started innocently enough when she asked me for the name of particular brand of coffee...I swear. *wink*

Rating: NC-17, slash. Disclaimer: The stories are works of fiction and DO NOT in any way reflect the real lives, sexual preferences, or personalities of the characters. I mean no disrespect. If you don't want to read about them being gay then don't read these.
"For making a rather impressive showing tonight" was all the note and map said that were taped to his locker when he finished with his post game shower. Yeah, scoring two goals in the Kings' Rookie team win over the Sharks' Rookies felt damn good and Michael Cammalleri wasn't afraid to admit it to himself. One of the other guys in the locker room - he'd been in the system for a while without getting in with the big club on a permanent spot on the roster - took a look at the note Michael was holding and immediately knew what it meant - the kid was gonna get his initiation.
Michael made his way to the address lined out on the map he'd been left - wondering all the while if he should've drove out to the place to begin with. He figured that if he was gonna be initiated, it would be a little embarrassing, but the guys wouldn't really hurt him. After taking a couple of deep breaths, he got out of the car and made his way up the walk to the house in front of him.

"Well, it looks like you decided to show up after all." Luc Robitalle said as he opened the door. "Come on in, we've been waiting for you."

After being ushered in, Michael felt as if he was on display and definitely out of his league with the gathering of Kings in the room. Finally, Sean Avery approached him and told him that he'd take him upstairs so he could get more comfortable.

"What do you mean `more comfortable'?" Michael asked as they walked up the winding staircase.

"Well, I'd hate to see you mess up what you're wearing when you play the game we've got planned for you." Sean answered as he flipped on the lights in an upstairs bedroom. "Just change into what's in the box and I'll take you back downstairs."

"There is no fuckin' way I'm wearing this!" Michael said as he jerked the door open. "It's not going to happen."

"Well, you have two choices, rook, either you put that stuff on or you go back downstairs naked." Sean replied. "Take your pick - we don't have all night."

The door shut again and Michael silently weighed his options; a bright pink thong and matching bib or nothing at all. Even though he'd start out as the only one naked, he figured that would be far less humiliating than the alternative. When he walked out of the room, Sean pushed him face first against the wall and cuffed his hands behind his back before walking him back downstairs.

"Oh, well, I see he chose my favorite of the wardrobe options we gave him." Adam Deadmarsh admitted as he walked up to the now naked rookie. "So, Michael, are you ready to play a little game?"

"I, uh, guess so." Michael admitted in a voice barely loud enough to be heard by all.

"Well, since he says he's ready, Avery, would you do the honors of blindfolding our young friend?" Adam asked as he trailed a coffee-covered finger over Michael's lips.

Despite the bubble of fear in his stomach Michael flicked his tongue out, lapping up the smooth flavored coffee. He blinked in surprise at both the taste and the smell of it. It wasn't exactly the liquid he'd been expecting at the first touch of wetness on his lips.

There was no doubt in his mind as to what the players had in mind for him and Michael was determined to see it through and prove he could take it. No niggling voice in back of his head or feeling in the pit of his stomach was strong enough to make him not see this all the way through... whatever it ended up being. A shiver, part fear, part anticipation shook his body as Sean slid smooth black material over his eyes and tied it at the back of his head. Sean's teeth nipped the base of Michael's ear and he shivered more. "He's ready."

"Good." Michael's head snapped up at the softly accented voice at the other side of his ear. He might not have all the voices down but Luc's was unmistakable. "Then we'll get the first part of your game ready."

Though he could hear noises, Michael had no idea what was going on until he was forced to his knees. All he could feel was the warmth of a body not too far from his face. The smell of coffee grew stronger though as a strong hand against the back of his head pushed him forward. Scrambling to not embarrass himself by falling over into whoever was in font of him, Michael moved forward, ignoring the sting of the carpet against his knees. Something sticky rubbed against his cheek and Michael instinctively turned his head to try and find the source.

"Fuck." He said, biting his lip. He'd forgotten about the blindfold and wasn't quite sure if he was allowed to talk.

"You're allowed to speak Michael." A voice he couldn't quite place said.

"What we you going to say?" Another asked.

"I, uh, was just wondering what was on my cheek." Michael mumbled. Knowing he was blushing furiously only made him feel more flushed.

"Why don't you taste it and see?" Teeth and lips sucking behind his ear accompanied this voice.

"Because I'm handcuffed." Mike tried to keep the smirk that was threatening from showing on his face. He could hear stifled laughter too.

"You can talk but not backtalk, rook." The teeth were less gentle this time. Mike knew without the benefit of seeing that he was going to have a bruise on the side of his neck.

A finger tasting of coffee ran along Michael's bottom lip and without thinking his tongue darted out to lick it. The finger slid inside his mouth, his tongue flickering against it as he sucked. This time Michael didn't hide the smile when his ears were filled with the sound of more than one of the other men moaning.

His mouth still open when the finger slipped out of him, Michael was still unprepared for the unmistakable feel of smooth skin against his lips. The strong scent of coffee was stronger now and the same stickiness he'd felt against his cheeks was now on his lips. This time he could taste though. Dragging his tongue over his lip as well as the cock head Michael smiled and licked his lips clean. Along with the flavor of coffee there was a slight taste of pre cum. It was clear to Michael that these guys were well prepared for whatever their plan was.

Well, the plan was clear to him up to the fact that he was going to have to suck some dick in order for it to be completed. Michael had no problem with getting to that. His tongue flickered out, his lips turning down in a frown when it met nothing. "Wha..."

"We get to say when Michael."

"Okay." Michael said, leaning back a little, taking some of the pressure off his knees.

"When." A voice directly above him whispered seconds before Michael felt the pressure of a cock head against his lips. The same sticky cream that he'd tasted before was his only inkling that it was the same person as before.

For all he knew they'd whipped up coffee flavored cream and the noises he'd heard after they first blindfolded him was them rubbing it all over themselves. His cock stiffened at the mental image and he parted his lips, eagerly taking the cock at his lips inside his mouth.

The slick coffee flavored shaft slid past his lips and Michael swallowed it eagerly, slurping his tongue along the underside. Pre cum trickled down his throat, mingling with the creamy coffee. A low purring moan ripped from Michael's throat as he began sucking.

Having no way to balance himself, Michael didn't have much of a chance to get any leverage but it hardly mattered as callused fingers grasped either side of his face and took the task of getting sucked off into his own hands. The thick cock slid to the back of Michael's throat and he breathed deep, trying to take all that was offered to him, licking and slurping he best he could as his mouth was fucked. Michael moaned, his own dick hard and straining and needing relief he was sure he wasn't going to be getting any time soon.

The dick in his mouth tightened and swelled, each thrust inside his mouth coming quicker making Michael struggle to take it all. Swallowing around the thick shaft Michael smiled to himself when a few softly accented words urged him on. The image of who he was sucking off left his mind moments later when his mouth was filled with bursts of cum that slid back into his throat and Michael's whole focus was swallowing as much as he could. He kept on sucking until the already softening dick slipped from between his lips.

Missing the feeling of being filled already Michael licked his lip. "So what's the game?"

"You've got to guess who that was." A harsh whisper in his ear sent a new wave of shivers through Michael's body, centering in his lower stomach. Michael smiled; the accent on the muffled words when the person he'd sucked off came made this one an easy guess.

"Okay it's..."

"Oh, but you've got to have some comparison first."

The next thing Michael felt was a strong hand grasping his chin tilting his head back roughly. He could then feel a pair of hot lips and an incredibly damp tongue running up and down the hollow of his throat before capturing his mouth in a cinnamon-hazelnut flavored kiss. As he sucked the tongue now offered to him into his mouth, Michael could feel a hand roaming over his painfully hard cock - making him even more desperately aware of his need to climax; and further aware of how that was probably the last thing on the minds of the men around him.
Michael, are you ready for your next taste? Another accented voice asked as the thick head of a cock rubbed salaciously against his mouth. Open wide, kid - its show time.
Michael allowed the thick shaft to slide into his mouth; moaning softly as it stretched his jaw wider than it had been before. As he rocked his head forward and back along the length and over the strongly veined surface of the shaft he could hear the man he was taking down his throat coaching him - eagerly willing Michael to deliver him to a much needed climax. The sound of the voice wasn't as much of a giveaway as the one before, but he was still pretty sure who he was sucking on this time. Just as he started to allow the name to form in his mind, the other man's cum began to hit the back of his throat in thick, creamy jets. He could feel his face burning hot as a couple of the men in the room laughed at the trail of jism sliding down from the corner of his now empty mouth.
Maybe you should've worn the bib, Michael; it would've made you easier to clean up. A laughing and familiar voice taunted as another set of lips wound their way over his. He definitely should've worn the panties we got him - he's making such a mess of himself with all that pre-cum he's leaking. Are you enjoying yourself, rookie?
Not quite sure how to respond - aside from the horrifying knowledge that he was burning up with embarrassment - Michael simply nodded his head as he felt a calloused thumb run over the ultra-sensitive slit at the end of his own dick. He gasped and moaned as he felt his balls tighten and begging for release.  He was just short of the point of no return when the hand that was manipulating his hard on left him alone - a steady stream of clear fluid dripping from the end of his member and dropping on the carpet between his spread knees.

Gasping loudly, Michael slumped forward a little, his cheek connecting with the firm flesh of another man. He had no choice but to rest there for a moment until his head was pushed back and a new voice whispered in his ear. Hot breath teased his skin, a new shiver running through him. Even though he'd come the need to be more satisfied was still strong within him, not outweighing but battling with the embarrassment. "Good thing you're all stretched and got two loads in your mouth already, rook. You're going to need it..."

Michael opened his mouth but didn't have a chance to speak as the thick head of a cock filled his mouth. It pushed and forced its way into his mouth, not stopping until heavy balls slapped against Michael's chin and his eyes watered with the pressure of being so filled. The scent of something spicy, Michael thought maybe ginger filled his senses and he licked around the base of the dick as best he could for a better taste.

Despite the discomfort Michael swallowed around the thick shaft, allowing himself a moment of pride at being able to take it. He only wished he could see it. The moment was lost as the shaft began to slide out of his mouth only to ram back in. Michael fought his gag reflex, working hard on flicking his tongue along the underside, trying not to listen to the voices that surrounded him.

"Definitely needs panties."

"He'll be hard to clean up."

"Fun though."

"Takes it like a real pro."

"I can't fucking wait until my turn."

Though he was more embarrassed than he'd ever been Michael took pride in the fact that he was pleasing them. Focusing on the rather large task at hand he relaxed his throat, struggling to take the huge cock. It was getting easier with each plunge into his throat.

A tongue lapped along his cheek, licking the tears that had fallen from his eyes up. Michael knew his teeth were dragging along the dick in his mouth, even if he was trying his hardest not to have that happen, it was just too big. Lucky for him the owner didn't seem to mind it much, the dick slammed inside him harder with more force, swelling even more under the treatment Michael's talented mouth was giving it.

The spicy ginger flavor was strong enough to keep a little bit of moisture to appear in Michael's eyes and he blinked hard to make them go away. There was enough embarrassment and teasing going on here without him adding tears to the mix again.

Once again tongue licked at the side of his face, a warm chest pressing to his back and Michael leaned back glad for the momentary support. Strong fingers ran along his chest, squeezing and pinching his nipples painfully but even the pain sent pleasure rocking though Michael's over sensitized body.

The massive dick in his mouth, nearly impossibly swelled more and Michael found himself struggling to swallow the thick bursts of cum that shot to the back of his throat. He swallowed all he could but that too was taken out of his hands and drops of the warm liquid splashed against his neck and chest. The thick head of the dick, still spewing cum, rubbed over Mike's lips at the same time as hands grabbed his jaw, keeping his mouth shut. The cock head painted his lips with cum, smearing it on to his cheeks as well. "That lipstick makes him look even prettier." A voice snickered as a tongue lapped at his lips.

He'd seen these guys in the locker room and was fairly certain that he had a god idea who it had been but Michael also knew he had two guys left before they'd let him guess. He was nearly trembling his own excitement was so high again. He couldn't ever remember being this turned on before. The knowledge that the excitement was coming from something so degrading sent a new shiver though him.

Michael was practically gasping for breath as he waited for the next man to take a turn at filling his mouth. He'd just got rested somewhat from the last invasion of his mouth when he felt the fourth cock head stroking across his slightly parted lips.

C'mon, Michael, open up. A voice he recognized immediately as Sean's coaxed as the dick worked its way into his mouth. That's it, just this one and one more before you can guess.

Michael stroked his tongue tentatively along the underside of the long, but slightly less thick shaft now occupying his mouth and throat. The muscles of his throat and jaw were starting to burn from how stretched they were and his mind was concentrating more on that than how well he should be working his lips and tongue over the cock in his mouth.

Hey, kid, this would be more fun if you'd give me a little something to work with. Sean said as he gripped the sides of Michael's face tightly. You've sucked three dicks already tonight; you're on the downhill slide. Don't wimp out on us now.

Michael started concentrating on what he was supposed to be doing and soon felt the thick heated streams of Sean's orgasm spurting against the back of his throat. After swallowing every drop, he continued to lick and suck the cock in his mouth until it slipped from between his lips soft. The kid slid his tongue over his swollen lips slowly as he waited for the last taste he'd be getting before he was allowed to guess the order that the other men had fucked his mouth.

The process of elimination led Michael to believe that Trent would be next and the slightly rasped growl as a callused finger ran along the side of his face and a tongue swept up his cheek was the least recognizable of the voices anyway. Michael smiled a little; he definitely had the order down.

"We're going to have to hose this kid off." Fingers rubbed along Michael's chest, rubbing the drying cum into the already dried cum. Someone from his right spit and the fingers moved a little easier and easier still when more spit splashed against his chest. Instead of worrying about the position he was in Michael arched against the hands, seeking more contact for his aching nipples.

It seemed like every part of his body ached, to be freed, for release, to be filled, he shook with the need of it all, half wishing he'd never shown up here today and half wishing it would continue soon. As much as his jaw protested he parted his lips slightly and inhaled the scent of coffee as another dick head rubbed across his lips.

His tongue almost of its own accord flickered out to lick the tip and Michael lapped up the drops of pre come, groaning as the dick slid to the back of his throat. He could hear the unmistakable sounds of hands working dicks in his ears and Michael decided to buckle down to the task at hand, wanting to give them a show that would be worth jerking off to.

Arching his head back as much as the hands on his shoulders would let him, Michael pushed forward quickly, not stopping until his nose was buried in the coffee scented hair at the base of Trent's cock. He swallowed a few times, fighting back from gagging and slowly pulled back. Every moan and increased sound of movement he heard only fueled his own need.

Ignoring the tightness in his jaw and the stiffness of his body from staying in the same position so long Michael sucked as hard as he could, his tongue flickering and teasing the shaft as it slid in and out of his mouth. A thick burst of cum against the back of his throat was his reward for keeping up the frenzied pace and Michael swallowed as much as he could, but felt the cum dribble over his lips and onto his already messy chest.

Not that it mattered since seconds later it was joined by more cum splashing against his chest and hands rubbing along his torso accompanied by the sounds of the other men coming. More cum dripped onto him and Michael felt a slick finger rub against his lips. His mouth almost too tired to open up, his jaw was firmly grasped by strong hands and more than one finger was roughly thrust inside his mouth, the mingled flavors of his teammate's cum sliding to the back of his throat joining their loads that he'd already swallowed.

Michael's body shook hard from the feel of so many hands on him, he nearly went over when lips brushed over one of his nipples only to almost sob as they left too soon to give him the intense pleasure he craved.

Okay, kid, now its time to put a name to the flavors. Luc's accented voice brushed against Michael's left ear seductively. After you name them all - if you get them in the right order, we'll make sure you go home a very satisfied young man.

Alright, from first to last, I can tell you but I have one little request. Michael whispered - his throat sore from all the use.

We can let you have one little accommodation for your comfort, right guys? Luc asked the other men in the room. What would you like for us to do for you, Michael?

Take the blindfold off, please. Michael whispered. I want to have a good look at each of the cocks I sucked when I name their owner.

That's a fair request, Luc. I think we should let the kid take a look at all the satisfied dicks that have slid down into his talented mouth and down his tight throat. Adam said with a sexy growl.

Michael blinked a few times as his eyes adjusted to the light in the room again. He then turned his head around to take a good look at all the now soft cocks dangling in between his teammates' thighs. He nodded his head with a sly smile curling his cum-crusted lips as he looked each one over slowly.

Luc was first. He said with a bright smile. Ziggy came - literally - second. He was followed by Adam. Sean and Trent rounded out the group. So, how did I do?

That was absolutely perfect, Michael. Ziggy said as he unlocked the handcuffs binding the young man's hands. Why don't you go upstairs and take a shower and we'll get your prize ready.

Oh, okay. Michael whispered as he stood, somewhat unsteadily.

Adam, do you mind taking him upstairs? Luc asked as he watched the kid staggering due to all the time he'd spent kneeling.

Adam put his arm around Michael's waist and steadied the youngster as he led him to the bathroom at the top of the stairs. He leaned the kid against the bathroom counter while he turned the water on and got it to a comfortably warm temperature.

You'll be okay by yourself now, right? Adam asked as he started to head back downstairs.

Yeah, I'll be fine. Michael replied. Should I come back down there when I'm finished?

No, just go into the bedroom that Sean brought you up to change in earlier. Adam replied. Your prize will be waiting for you there.
Okay. Michael replied before closing the shower door.

Michael didn't remember dozing off after he got into the bedroom. All he remembered was sitting down on the bed and the next thing he knew he was being woke from a sound sleep by the sensation of having someone languishing attention on his cock. He looked down as he tried to adjust his position on the bed to see the top of Adam's head as it bobbed up and down along the length of cock that was held tightly between his lips.

Adam, you can stop now, the kid's awake. Luc whispered, smacking Adam's hip lightly. We don't want him to cum this quickly. He has to pick who he wants to make him cum and how he wants them to get him there.

I almost forgot about that. Adam replied with a shy smile. Luc, you know how I get when I have a chance to taste something new.

Okay, Michael, take your pick - how do you want to get off and who do you want to get you there? Luc asked as his eyes greedily skimmed over the exposed flesh of the young man sprawled across the bed. But just to make sure you get exactly what you ask for - those of us who aren't picked will stick around just to make sure you're taken good care of.

II, uh, want Adam. Michael whispered. I want him inside of me.

Are you sure, kid? Adam asked as he sat down on the bed. Are you absolutely sure you're ready to have that tight ass of yours fucked?

Michael nodded his head up and down and bit his lower lip anxiously as he waited for Adam to take the lead. Adam coaxed Michael to roll over on his stomach and then slid a couple of pillows beneath the young man's hips. He then stretched his body over Michael's after settling between the youngster's splayed thighs. Adam's calloused hands kneaded the flesh of Michael's slightly spread buttocks hungrily as his mouth made a fiery trail along his jaw and down his neck.

Michael moaned softly as he felt the first of Adam's lube-slicked fingers stroked his virgin opening. He gasped and arched his back as he felt the finger slide all the way in. Adam couldn't help the smile that played across his lips as he fucked the kid with his fingers. When the kid was doing everything he could to keep three thick fingers trapped inside his ass, Adam slipped them out and pressed the head of his thick member at the stretched opening.

Are you ready, Michael? Adam asked softly - almost as if he were purring in the young man's ear. Just relax and I'll go slow - I don't want to hurt you, okay?

Michael nodded and then drew in a deep breath as the head of Adam's cock breached his entrance. Adam slowly worked his way in until his entire length was tucked inside Michael's ass. He was shocked to feel the kid thrusting his hips up off of the bed in time to the thrusts he was making downward. Adam slid his right hand under Michael and grabbed the cock of the younger man, stroking it firmly as he thrust harder and deeper into him. Michael whimpered and then groaned loudly as his seed began to spew out of him, coating his stomach, the sheets beneath him and Adam's hand thoroughly before Adam's seed filled him.

Michael had just about dozed off when he heard the bedroom door close. Adam rolled Michael over so they were facing each other and pulled the younger man in for a sensuous kiss. Michael opened his sore lips slowly to allow Adam's tongue to slide into his mouth. When they broke the kiss, Adam kissed Michael's forehead and pulled the covers up around both of them.

Go to sleep, Michael. You have a big day at practice tomorrow. Adam whispered as he tucked Michael in and watched him drift off to sleep. I don't think I've ever seen someone so eager and good at playing Taster's Choice.


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