Beneath The Surface


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Pairing: Steve Yzerman/Derian Hatcher
RATING: NC-17 for somewhat consentual locker room sex!!!
A/N: I got this really weird Yzerman/Hatcher bunny and
since I didn't feel right about pimping it off to
somemone else, I did my best to get rid of the damn

A/N 2: thanks Misty for the title....



 Steve leaned back against the cold metal door of his dressing room and sighed deeply. They'd lost a game that he'd bet his captain's "C" on. His face was flaming hot from the combination of anger, humiliation and something else - something he didn't want to admit - lust. How could he possibly be lusting after that beast? He had told everyone that he'd ever talked to when the talk of Hatcher joining the Wings that he thought he was over-grown, barbaric and absolutely hideous to look at. So, now why was he wishing that Hatcher was fucking him until he couldnt stand? 
 Derian walked to the locker room with a smug look on his face as he carried the remnants of Steve's jersey back to the locker room. He walked past Steve's locker and started to gloat, but thought better of it. He knew that if he got any closer to his now former captain - Steve's shorts would be the last thing to go and the one barrier he needed to keep in place if he wanted to keep his focus on attaining the C that Steve so casually wore on his left shoulder. He'd gotten just far enough down the hall to toss the torn jersey in a trash can when he heard a door behind him open. He turned and saw Steve staring at him.

"Didn't I give you enough out there?" Derian asked gruffly as he started to walk back toward Steve's locker.

"Derian, I, um, just wanted," Steve's voice trailed off nervously as he eyed the other man through a veil of lust.

"Yeah, I know what you want." Derian whispered softly as he shoved Steve back against the locker. "And I'm just about to give it to you."

Derian locked the door behind him as he leaned against the door pulling Steve to him. Steve gasped in surprise when the last fabric barrier that kept him from being completely naked was ripped away from him. Derian pushed him back and then circled around him slowly taking stock of the physical gifts of the older man.

"Take your socks off." Derian ordered quietly. "They disrupt the image - oh, and by the way, quit trying to cover your dick."

"Oh, okay." Steve said as he started to bend over to take his socks off.

Derian then ran his right index finger up and down the cleft in Steve's ass fighting back a laugh as he shuddered at his touch. He held his hand in the small of Steve's back to keep him bent over.  
 Steve then felt himself trembling all over as he reached forward to brace his hands on the bench in front of his locker while Derian lowered his pants.

"You are going to stretch me first, right?" Steve pleaded softly.

"Yeah, it looks like you haven't been somebody's twink for quite a while." Derian replied as he grabbed a bottle of baby oil from the shelf behind him.

Steve pushed his hips back as Derian started sliding his fingers in and out of his ass. He couldn't help but moan and whimper as he felt his opening being stretched.

"Damn, just how big do you think you are?" Steve asked nervously as Derian pumped three of his thick fingers in and out of his ass.

"Probably the biggest you've ever had - I mean, Shanny is beautiful, but he's not overly large and neither was Avery." Derian replied. "I have a feeling that the guy you've been with the biggest dick was Hull and I know I'm bigger than he is."

"Uh, okay - well, are you about ready?" Steve asked quietly as he looked up to catch a sight of Derian in the mirror across the room.

"Okay, has anyone ever told you that you're an impatient little slut?" Derian asked as he started poking the head of his member against Steve's ass.

Steve groaned deep in his throat as he felt Derian slide into his ass slowly. He'd never felt quite that full before and was just about certain that he couldn't take all of Hatcher up his ass. Derian slowly picked up the pace until he was literally slamming his hips into Steve's ass.

"Stroke yourself - I want to see you shoot your load as I fill your ass." Derian ordered roughly in Steve's ear.

Without questioning the order, Steve took his own cock in his hand and started pumping away. He sprayed his load all over the bench and on the floor as he felt the hot jets of Derian's seed filling his ass.

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Derian said as he pulled out and got ready to go. "And of course, we'll definitely be seeing each other on Sunday."

"You... you're just going to leave me here like this?" Steve stammered.

"Yeah, this was just a fuck - it doesn't mean anything." Derian replied coolly as he opened the door.

Steve continued to lean against the bench even though he could hear the unmistakable laughter of Brett outside the door. He looked over his shoulder and saw him standing in the doorway laughing at him.

"C'mon, Steve, it's not like you haven't done that exact same thing to the rest of us." Brett laughed as he walked up behind Steve and rubbed his hand over the other man's bare ass. "So, do you can get yourself ready to go back to the hotel?"

"Yeah, now will you get out of here so I can get ready to go?" Steve seethed as he stood up.

Steve got ready and left for the hotel after Brett left him alone. Once he was in his room at the hotel, he paced the floor nervously. Finally, he fell into bed and tried to sleep but his mind was dominated with thoughts of how thoroughly whipped he felt when Derian stripped him bare and fucked him. And he was somewhat shocked to find that he enjoyed the feeling of being controlled like that.

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