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Welcome to my fan fiction site devote to the Dallas Stars (and a few other teams - I can't pass up a good challenge). Feel free to look around and read a while!

This site will contain fics that have slash themes, dark themes and then some will be happy or totally lacking in plots. Each fic will have its own disclaimers and information when you get to the list across the top of this page.
Please keep in mind that it's a work in progress and will continue to grow and visit often!!!


What's New?

Here's a list of the new additions to this site:
05/23/03 - Site founded.
05/30/03 Chapters 1 -11 of "Bring Me To Life" are posted
06/04/03 Chapters 12-19 of "Bring Me to Life" are posted
               "Your Mistake" Series posting begins.
06/07/03 "I Guess You Get Used to Somebody" is posted
07/29/03 "Beneath the Surface" and "Just Like Jesse James" are posted.
                Contact page is updated and several pictures are added to the

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