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Disclaimer: I own Casey and John...Hunter and any other WWFE, Inc. person belongs to Vinnie Mac and themselves.

Rating: NC-17, for sex and language

Summary: Casey Jackson had given up her dream of joining the WWF and spent her time swinging wrenches until...


        "Hey, Casey, you finished with the work on Levesque?" John Daniels called out to the mechanic.

       "Not quite." She answered. "Why don't you tell him to keep his pants on and quit callin' every thirty minutes? It'll be done when I'm damn well finished
with it."

      "Since he's standing here, can I quote you on that?" John said with a laugh.

      "Yeah and you can tell him to buy a car that I can reach the top of the engine without feeling like I've scaled Mt. Everest, too." Casey retorted. "Men and their cars - the bigger the car the smaller the pecker."

      "I heard that." A somewhat familiar voice replied from the doorway of the office.

      "Well, unless you plan to prove me wrong about that, you can have a seat while I finish up." She replied as she pushed some stray hairs out of her face with the back of her grease-covered hand.

      Paul walked over to a well-worn yellowish-orange sofa and flopped down. His weight caused a residual cloud of dust to fly up around him. He batted the gray cloud away from his face as he watched the legs of the young woman that was working on his vehicle swing around in time to the radio she had blaring in the garage while she worked. In his mind he could see her wearing a short swirling sundress with her tan legs showing - or better yet, having those shapely legs wrapped around his waist.

      "I'd watch it if I were you." John said as he walked back into the office and handed Paul a cold coke. "She's as dangerous as she is pretty. She was on both her high school and college wrestling teams. She also is a great cook, can sew and doesn't look too bad in her best dress and heels."

      "Huh, oh, so how long has she been a mechanic?" Paul asked as he popped the top of the can.

      "Since she was three she's been helping me. Her mother dumped her on me and her grandma when she went off to chase her dream of being a famous singer." John said. "My wife died ten years ago. Casey has been helping me run the place ever since. When my eyes and arthritis got to the point I couldn't work on cars anymore, I took over the books and she's handled swinging the wrenches ever since."

      "Mr. Levesque, do you mind coming out here and trying to crank it for me?" Casey asked from the garage.

      "Uh, sure." Paul answered. "Where are the keys?" 

      "In my back pocket." She said. "You better grab 'em or they'll get all greasy."

      Paul reached into Casey's pocket and retrieved his keys. He quickly withdrew his hand for fear of her clobbering him with the wrench in her hand if his hand seemed to be lingering on her backside for too long. He waited to turn the engine until she gave him the okay. When it cranked without hesitation, she told him to shut it off and come into the office to pay. 

      "So, what do I owe you?" He asked as he pulled his checkbook out of his waist pack.

      "Uh, Grandpa, do you have his invoice?" Casey asked as she searched around on the counter.

      "Yes, and you stop touchin' everything before we have to degrease the entire counter." The old man laughed. "Okay, we have $275.00 for parts and seven hours of labor at $40.00 each, uh, the total comes to $555.00."

      "Okay, how do I make it out?" Paul asked as he grabbed a pen from the counter.

      "Daniels and Jackson Auto Repair." Casey answered. "Okay, Pops, I'm gonna go work on that Taurus for Ms. Martin. She's almost as impatient as he

      Paul smiled as he watched Casey walk back out into the garage so she could start working on the dark green car on the other side of his Hummer. He'd just walked back outside when she started swearing like a sailor due to
something that was wrong on the car she was working on.

      "Son of a fucking bitch." She shouted as she kicked one of the fairly worn tires on the Taurus. "Crack the damn block and then come in and tell us it's just got a little oil leak. Geez, as if I don't have enough crap on this fucker to fix."

Casey slammed the hood of the car as she stormed off back into the office. Paul was standing there with a huge smile on his face as he watched her. Without warning the door flew open and she was in his face in no time. 

      "Do you think this is funny?" She shouted. "I work my ass of to fix things for people and granted there are some things that even the best shade tree mechanics can't come close to fixing - like the stuff on your truck - but then there are some people that shouldn't be given a driver's license unless they know basic maintenance."

      "You look like you could use a nice dinner and some drinks." Paul said quietly.

      "The house is in the field behind the shop." She said. "I'll be ready at 7:30, if you're expecting me to go somewhere with you, I suggest you that you don't be late."

      "Seven-thirty it is." He said. "And do try to get the grease off your face, huh?"

      "Get out of here before I get grease on you." She said with a grin.

Paul backed out of the garage and headed for home. His dad had always taken
their cars to Mr. Daniel's shop and they knew that he had a grand-daughter, but he hadn't seen her since she was about thirteen and the most noticeable features she had were her skinned knees and elbows. But now, Casey had developed into a fairly stunning woman with dark hair and eyes, a full bosom
and shapely hips and legs.
      At 7:25, Paul knocked on the front door of Casey's house. He was dressed in black jeans and a charcoal gray sweater. Her grandfather answered
the door and reminded Paul to be careful. Casey walked down the stairs a few
minutes later. She had on a light blue floral sundress with a matching sweater.

      "Ready to go?" She asked as she got to the bottom of the stairs.

      "Yeah." Paul replied. "You look nice, by the way."

      "Thanks, you clean up pretty well, too." She replied with a grin. "Pops, don't wait up for me."

      "Didn't plan on it." He said as he settled down in his chair to watch the Boston Red Sox game on TV.

Paul walked ahead of Casey enough to open the car door for her and help her
get in. He then walked around and got in. 

      "So, where to?" She asked.

      "I'm open to suggestions." He said with a grin.

      "Okay, how about Valentino's, then?" She asked. "I could go for pizza and beer."

      "Sound fine to me." He said, laughing.

      "What are you laughing at?" She asked with a slightly vexed look on her face.

      "I just didn't figure you'd get that dressed up for pizza and beer." He said. "But maybe we can catch a movie or something after we eat."

      "Sure." She said. "I haven't had a real date in so long."

      "Sound's like a plan." He said.

They sat at the table in Valentino's in an uncomfortable silence. Then Paul happened to look over and notice a bandage on the back of Casey's hand. He
gently ran his thumb over the top of it - waiting for her to pull her hand back.

      "I burned it on the oil pump on your truck." She said softly.

      "Sorry." He whispered.

      "No biggie, I've survived worse." She said with a smile. "So, how does it feel to be back full time?"

      "Back where - cause I'm only home for a few days." He said. 

      "Back at work, you know, after the quad." She said with a giggle. "Geez, have you really taken that many chair shots to your cranium?"

      "More than you probably realize." He said. "Cause for every one you see on TV, I've probably taken five in rehearsals. Your Grandfather said that you wrestled in high school and college. Why did you give it up?"

      "Cause the US Olympic Committee told me that they wanted Kurt Angle
- not some girl that was similarly capable - and so the 1998 and 1999 US and
World Champion freestyle wrestler had to sit out of the Sydney Olympics due
to sexist pigs." She replied. "I trained a little while with Killer Kowalski, but he finally got tired of my formal training getting in the way of what he wanted me to do. He still calls occasionally to book me in independent shows, though."

      "That's Walter for you." Paul admitted as he raised his beer bottle to his lips. "So, what do you want to do with your skills?"

      "I thought about teaching at the high school, but they don't want a woman to coach the boys." Casey admitted. "Right now, I'd just about give my left boob to get a try out for WWF - but I have this scene that I replay over and over in my head of Vince McMahon sitting behind this huge desk laughing saying that since he has Kurt, he doesn't need a woman that wasn't even allowed to compete at the Olympics cause she carries her balls too high. You must think I'm a strange broad, don't you?"

      "Not at all." He said. "Just disenchanted with the one thing you love to do, that's all."

      "Maybe that's what it is." She replied. "So, what's it like waking up in a different bed every morning, having different women try to pick you up just because you're Triple H."

      "Not always what it's cracked up to be." He said. "But I do prefer to have women try to pick me up instead of the men."

      "Will you be serious - men - really?" She mused. "What are they thinking?"

      "I kid you not, I had one dude come up to me in a hotel bar, uh, I think we were in Austin, and tell me that he wanted me to pound his ass." Paul said as he drained the contents of the Coors Light bottle in his hand. "I looked at him as if he'd sprouted an extra head or something and he bent over and shook his ass at me. I truly thought I was gonna be sick right there and then. The guy then proceeded to tell me that he played Chyna in his Drag Queen act and it would be just the same as what I was used to getting."

      "Uh, not exactly, right?" Casey said with a laugh. "Oh, man, did any of the other guys see that?"

      "Yeah, Shawn and Taker finally let me live it down after Jo quit."  He said. "Of course, after she and I broke up, Taker considered it his personal duty to tell me that he'd call my boyfriend for me. I got him to shut the fuck up when I told him that the only way I'd fuck the guy in Austin is if Take' bottomed for him first. That's what set up the tension for our Wrestlemania 17 match - not the shit that was on TV."

Casey was laughing so hard she could barely breathe when their waiter came
over to tell them that Valentino's was going to be closing shortly. They looked around and realized they were the only ones left. Paul paid their check and they left.

      "So, where to now?" He asked as he opened the door for her. "I mean it's only 10:00."

      "Uh, we could go get a six-pack and head to the river." She said with a devilish grin.

      "Okay, sounds good to me." He said.

Paul went into the bar next to Valentino's and got a six-pack to go while Casey sat in the Hummer playing with the radio. They returned to a more comfortable silence as he drove them down to the river at the edge of town. Paul found it difficult to keep his mind on driving as Casey got herself ready for the river - taking off her shoes and pantyhose. He parked finally in an area that he used to go to all the time when he was in high school and watched as Casey hopped out and took off toward the river.
      He pulled his boots and socks off and rolled up the legs of his jeans as he watched her wading up to her calves in the water at the river's edge. She had pulled the hem of her dress up so it just came below her ass in the back and was laughing as the cool water lapped at her legs. 

      "Hurry up." She called to him from the water.
      "And what if I don't?" He joked back as he made his way down the bank.

      "I'll have to find a way to persuade you." She said as she lifted her dress off over her head and tossed it to him. "Do you need any more persuasion?"

      "Maybe." He said as he laid her dress down and took his sweater off.

He barely had a chance to register what the object flying by his head was when her bra landed at his feet. He looked at her to see that she was looking back over her shoulder at him with her thumbs hooked in the waistband of her thong panties. He unfastened his jeans and took them off before he headed down to the water.

      "You're gonna swim in those?" She asked as she pointed at his boxers.

      "Why not?" He asked as he started to wade into the water.

      "Suit yourself." She said as she shimmied out of her thong and tossed up to the rest of their clothes.

      "Damn." He muttered to himself as he watched her naked form swim across the river.

Paul backed up enough to take his boxers off without getting them wet. His breath caught in his throat when Casey came up from the water and slung her long dark hair back from her face. 

      "What are you waiting on?" She taunted. "I'm getting awful lonely out here, Paul."

Out of a nervous instinct, he covered himself with his hands when she called out to him. Her lyrical laughter seemed to tease him about the motion, but he wasn't too comfortable with the idea of her seeing all of him - even if it was dark outside. Once she was swimming again and wasn't paying as much attention to him, he dove off into the water. He was walking through the water with his feet on the river bottom when he felt something slide between his legs. He started to reach down to grab whatever it was, when Casey surfaced a few feet in front of him.

      "I haven't done this in years." He said to her.

      "What, skinny dipping, or going out on a date?" She teased as she pushed her hair back.

      "Skinny dipping." He answered. "At least until the last few months I have had a fairly active sex life since I was like 16 or 17."

      "Yeah, and what would keep a guy like you from having a sex life?" She asked. "I'm sure there's plenty of opportunities."

      "Yeah, but not many that mean anything more than just sex." He answered. "And after having two relationships go down the tubes in a little over two years, I just needed some time to myself."

      "Sorry, I had no idea." She said as she slid closer to him. "Unfortunately, I think I have a t-shirt some where that says been there done that on the relationship thing. It sucks to invest the time and emotion into something and have it fall apart."

      "Yeah, it does." He said softly as he grabbed her arms and pulled her against him. "So, where do you see this going?"

      "I dunno." She said. "I wasn't planning on us getting this close this quick, you know? But it feels good."

      "That it does." He said. "Is it just me or is the water getting colder?"

      "We probably should get out and go home or something." She replied as she wiggled free from his embrace. "I gotta grind the head on Ms. Martin's car in the morning."

      "That sounds painful." Paul said as he pressed the front of his body against her back.

      "It could be." She giggled as she swayed her ass against his stiffening member. "Or it could be just a little delightful torture."

      They pulled their clothes back on and Paul started searching around for his keys. He walked over to the truck and saw them still hanging from the ignition.

      "Shit." He swore to himself.

      "What's the matter?" Casey asked.

      "Oh, I locked my keys in the fucking truck." He cursed.

      "No problem." She said as she picked up an old metal skewer from a barbeque grill at the riverside. "Lift me up."

She then took a wedge-shaped piece of wood and slipped it between the  window and the edge of the door. She then popped the lock with the hook end of the skewer. After he set her back down, she opened the door and climbed in and crawled over to the passenger's side.

      "How did you do that?" He asked.

      "Ancient Chinese secret." She giggled. "No, actually, it's a trick that Grandpa taught me a long time ago. He learned that when he was running as a repo man as a side job to the garage."

      "Okay, MacGyver, am I taking you home now?" He asked as he looked
over at her. "It's almost midnight."

      'If you want to." She said with a sigh.

      "Is there something else you'd rather do?" He asked.

      "You." She simply answered as she twisted her wet hair up off of her neck.

Casey looked over at Paul and slid closer to him on the seat. She pushed his
mouth closed and then kissed him. He broke the kiss and suggested that they
go to his place since it was closer. She just smiled as she slid back against the seat.

      "I owe you an apology." She said softly. "Uh, I guess you're an exception to my generalization about the size of a man's car."

      "Apology accepted." Paul managed to whisper as crimson flush covered his face.

      "Hey, I didn't mean to embarrass you." She said as she leaned her head against his shoulder. "Really, Paul, I don't think that there's a single inch of your body that you should be embarrassed about."

      "Not even this." He said as he touched the tip of his nose.

      "Nope, not even that." She said softly. "It fits your face perfectly - you're a strong man, you should have a strong profile."

      "So, is there something that you'd like to change about yourself?" He asked.

      "Yeah, I'd like to be taller." She said. "5'4" is a hard thing to deal with when you're supposed to be taken seriously as an athlete. Other than that, I can't think of anything that I can't at least fake."

      "What do you mean by that?" He said.

      "Uh, I would love to have naturally curly hair. It isn't going to happen, and that's why I go through a set of hot rollers every couple of years." She said. "I also wish my eyes were bigger so I just fake that with make up when I really want someone to notice them. But things are different for girls."     

      "I see." He said as he turned into a driveway. "Well, we're here."

      He punched in the code for the gate and waited for it to open. After he drove into the garage, they got out and went into the house. Casey just looked around for a moment in awe of the place. In the dark it hadn't appeared to be quite as big as it was. 

      "Hey, do you want to go out to the hot tub or for another swim?" Paul asked as he opened the glass doors that led outside.

      "Only if you get naked first." She said as she followed him outside.

His sweater smacked her in the face and she tossed it on one of the deck chairs in time to see his jeans sliding down his legs. Casey scurried to catch up to him and slipped into the hot tub right after he did. Paul pulled her onto his lap and started kissing her neck as he held her close to him. She slid around to face him. 

      "This would be easier in the pool." She whispered.

      "Yeah, but I'd lose it." He said as he nodded toward his lap.

      "And you doubt my ability to help you get it back?" She teased, pouting. "I can hold my breath under water you know."

      "And that's beneficial, how?" He asked sarcastically.

      "Let me show you." She replied.

The only part of her body above water was her bottom. Paul leaned back against in his seat in the hot tub as he felt Casey's mouth wrap around the tip of
his cock. A minute or two later, Casey got out of hot tub and dove into the pool. Paul looked over at her as she waved for him to come join her in the pool.

      "You're a terrible tease." He shouted at her.

      "I won't be if you get your ass over here." She replied.

      He slowly emerged from the hot tub and made his way over to the steps in the shallow end of the pool. Casey swam up to meet him and tried to kiss him. His erection was still straining as he sat down on the step. She pulled him forward into the water and wrapped her body around his - writhing slightly against him as his length entered her body. She wrapped her arms around his neck and used that as leverage to pump her body against his. He backed them up against the side of the pool so he had he could thrust for himself. After they were finished and were both just resting against each other on the steps of the pool, Paul suggested they go inside and get some sleep before he took her home.
      Once inside, Paul offered her the first shower. She let the hot water cascade over her for a few moments before she rubbed some shampoo and then conditioner through her tangled mass of hair. When she exited the shower, she was surprised and actually delighted to see that he thought enough of her to put out a towel and one of his t-shirts for her use after her shower. She walked out into the bedroom and found him dozing in a chair in the corner.

      "Paul, I'm finished with the shower if you want it." She said as she slipped up beside him.

      "Huh, uh, okay." He mumbled incoherently as he woke. "Make yourself
comfortable, I'll only be a minute or two."

Casey watched him from her seat on the bed. She noticed how perfectly the
muscular planes of his body fit together. How exacting his every motion was and how there didn't seem to be an unnecessary ounce of anything on his entire body. Casey settled in on the bed while Paul showered and fell into a sound, peaceful sleep.
      Paul exited the bathroom to find Casey curled up on one side of the bed with her back toward him. He guessed that she'd been asleep for a while due to the way the hem of the t-shirt had worked its way up around her waist, leaving the lower half of her body completely uncovered. He stood beside the bed and watched her for a while until she rolled over onto her stomach and he finally turned out the light and slid into bed beside her. He'd just gotten settled on his back when she moved and snuggled her body against his, with her head resting softly against his chest. Paul gently moved his left arm to wrap it around her back and allowed his hand to rest against Casey's bare ass while they slept.
      Casey woke around 5:30 the next morning and suddenly realized that she hadn't dreamed the events of the previous evening. Paul was still sleeping soundly beside her with his arm around her. She carefully wriggled her way out of his embrace and set about getting ready to go home so she could go to work. She was in the bathroom braiding her hair back from her face when he walked in and put his arms around her from behind.

      "Morning." Paul sleepily whispered against her neck.

      "Morning." She replied.

      "Do you have any idea how early it is?" He asked as he moved to lean against the counter. "I mean it's not even 6:00 yet."

      "I know, but I wasn't sure when you were going to wake up and I need to get back to the shop." She answered. "So, if you don't mind I need to get my clothes back on and get out of here. I can't leave Grandpa to have to deal with Ms. Martin if I don't get back and have her car ready by this evening."

      Paul stood there listening to all the reasons Casey had for being in a hurry to get out of his house, but her words didn't tell him as much as the way her face was covered in an increasing blush. She was nervous and unsure of her feelings for him and was afraid that they'd gone too far too fast. Finally, when she stopped talking, he pulled her close and kissed her. 

      "Take me home." She whispered as she pulled away from him.

      "Not right now." He answered.

      "What?" She asked, alarmed.

      "Not until we finish getting dressed." He said before smacking her bare bottom on his way out of the bathroom.

To be continued....