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Snowed In : The Hunter Christmas Eve Session
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DISCLAIMER: I only own Randi. Hunter belongs to WWFE and himself (dammit!)

SUMMARY: A snowstorm opens up an unbelievable opportunity...


"Damn flight delays." Hunter muttered to himself as he looked up at the screen. "I'm never going to get home today. This is the last time I chose price over convenience when going anywhere."

He'd left Birmingham, Alabama earlier that morning - finally released from the seven-month prison term of physical therapy and work to rebuild a severely ruptured quadriceps muscle. Now it was 7:00pm and his flight was grounded in Baltimore. Looking up at one of the various televisions along the concourse he saw that the entire Eastern Seaboard was expecting to get between two and three feet of snow overnight. He was hoping to get home to spend some time with Stephanie and maybe work on fixing whatever was wrong with their relationship. He thought about how things had been between them for the past few months and began to doubt if there was anything left for him to go home to.

When he first went to Birmingham in May to see Dr. Andrews for his surgery, she was there and supported him constantly. She stayed and chauffeured him around for the first week or two, but then she decided she had to get back to work. He was left alone. She called every night for a while and then the calls started dropping off steadily. It went to every other day and then to twice a week and then once a week. It had gotten to the point that he barely could keep a schedule of when she would or would not call.

Once he could get around a little easier, he started to go to the pay-per-views and a few of the TV tapings. He tried to get time alone with Stephanie, but she always had some reason to stay away. After SummerSlam everything came to a screeching halt as they screamed hurtful things at each other.


"You don't need me, Hunter, you need a 24/7 nurse to cater to your needs and the demands of your fucking therapist." She screamed. "I want more from my husband than just to sit by and wait to see if he'll ever be able to work again."

"Steph, I want that too." Hunter tried to reason with her. "I mean I want to be with you more than just the time at the therapists. I want us back."

"Well, you should've thought about that when I was with you all the time." She said before she stormed off. "Right now, I don't care if you're so horny you can't stand yourself."


That was the last time they'd attempted to talk. She was right about one thing - he was horny - but instead of finding someone else to occupy his time, he threw himself even more into his therapy. As he sat there lost in thought he saw something - or someone rather down the concourse that caught his eye. With the exception of the white-trimmed, red velvet Santa Claus hat, she was dressed all in black leather. She was handing out candy canes to everyone she passed along the way. When she stepped up to him, he was almost too busy looking at her body to even realize she was standing there.

"So you want a candy cane or are ya gonna stare at me all night?" She asked sweetly. "Honey, you look like you haven't been with a woman in a long time."

"I, uh, haven't." He choked out as he looked up into her almost violet eyes. "But what I wouldn't give to spend some time..."

"Well, stay put." She whispered. "I'll be back for you in a little while."

Mesmerized, he watched her hips sway off as she continued spreading her own brand of Christmas cheer. Her leather pants clung to her legs and were slung low on her hips. The super-short tank top she had on under her leather jacket was barely covering her full breasts. Her tousled mane of dark curls had him imagining that his fingers were trapped in the tangled strands. About twenty minutes later, she came back for him.

"So, sugar, you got a name?" She purred as she sat down next to him. "Or do you wanna settle for Sugar?"

"Hunter. My name's Hunter." He whispered. "So, what's yours?

"Miranda, but my friends call me Randi." She answered as she reached for his hand. "So, what do ya say, we go somewhere and take care of what you're needin'?"

Silently he followed her. He drug his luggage out and when they got to her car, they barely got it all in. The cherry red 2002 Corvette was smaller than he expected and he ended up holding a couple of things on his lap. They drove in silence. His mind was reeling - he never thought he could be seduced so easily. Randi navigated the vette through the back roads to a rather large home on the north side of Baltimore. Parking in front of the house, she turned and gave him a deep, sensuous kiss. She then motioned for him to get out of the car. They grabbed his luggage and carried it inside.

He looked around the sparsely decorated house, and immediately thought about asking her to take him back to airport to wait for the next available flight. Then he watched her as she took her jacket off, revealing even more than he thought he'd seen at the airport. The tank top was just silver lace and her deep pink nipples were pushing their way out of the fabric.

"Well, Hunter, you can just stand there or you can make yourself at home." Randi said as she turned to go upstairs. "I'm gonna go get a bath real quick. If you're hungry tell Jefferson and he'll fix you something."

While she was upstairs, he started looking around the house. He was awestruck when he noticed the photos of her with various rock stars - including his favorite band, Motorhead. The butler came up to him and asked if he'd like something to eat or drink. Hunter asked for some tea and said that would be all he'd need for a while. Then he saw something even more astounding - her music room. Randi had several guitars, a drum kit, and other things that only professional musicians would own. She returned downstairs and found him sitting at her piano.

"You into music?" She asked as she finished smoothing a cut-off Motorhead T-shirt on over her red bikini panties. "I like it pretty much like my men - the harder the better."

The combination of what she was wearing and her comment almost caused Hunter to choke on a piece of ice in his mouth. She slipped behind him and started rubbing his shoulders and back while she kissed and nipped on his neck. He turned around and pulled her down on his lap. Fervently, their kissing was leading them further. She broke the kiss to suggest that they go upstairs. He took her hand and followed her up to her plush bedroom. He was unprepared for what he saw when they stepped inside. The deep purple crushed velvet comforter and canopy curtains covered a bed that had sheets of ivory satin. The carpet in the room was deeply plush and matched the sheets, the drapes over the window matched the comforter. Before he could get too lost in the appearance of the room, he felt Randi removing his belt from the waist of his jeans. She began tugging his shirt out of his pants as he stood there.

"Hey, this stuff is a two-way street and I could use a little help here." She said quietly.

She gasped when he removed his shirt revealing a magnificently toned and muscled chest and back. She then motioned for him to remove his jeans and boots as well. He complied, a lust-filled look in his eye when he saw her cast her shirt to the side. Standing before each other in nothing but their underwear he suddenly felt nervous.

"Relax, sugar, your wife will never know about this." Randi whispered as she tugged his boxers down to his feet. "Besides, if she was doing her job you wouldn't be here."

Hunter relaxed as he justified Randi's logic. When she stood back up, he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slipped them down her shapely legs. She tripped and landed flat on her back on the bed. He looked down at her - his eyes glowering with passion. She crooked her finger to call him onto the bed. He crawled up to lay beside her. She pushed him flat onto his back and then positioned herself between his legs. She planted feather soft kisses along the scar on his left leg before moving toward his straining erection. Tracing the inside of his thigh with the tip of her tongue, Randi meticulously worked her way up to his hard-on. She placed a kiss on the very tip of it and then licked her lips slowly. She moved over and then looked at him again. As her eyes traveled up and down his body, he slipped his right hand over and pushed a couple of fingers into her. She grabbed his wrist and eased his fingers out of her.

"Right now is not about me, Hunter, it's about you getting what you've been missin' out on." She purred softly. "Why don't you roll over on your stomach for me."

He looked at her quizzically and then complied without a word. She gave him a full body massage - taking time to give every inch of his body special attention. When she finally had him roll back onto his back he looked at her very expectantly.

"I guess you want me to take care of that for you?" She whispered seductively. "Well, alright, since its snowing and you can't possibly leave until at least in the morning, it is the least I can do."

Hunter gripped the sheets tightly as she went down on him. Feeling himself being taken so completely was unusual. Stephanie usually refused to give him head because she said it was too dirty. If he initiated it by doing her first then he'd get it in return, but that got old sometimes. As he lay there thinking, Randi drew his seed from his - fondling his balls to coax every last drop from him. When Randi looked up at him, the lazy grin playing across his lips told her what she needed to know. She moved to lay next to him again and this time didn't fight when his fingers made their way into her snatch. He took time to fondle her breasts and run his mouth down her neck and to tease her nipples with his tongue and teeth. When she slid her hand over to the nightstand and pulled out a Trojan wrapper, he needed no further coaxing. After Hunter put the rubber on, Randi guided him into her. It took them both a while to climax and when they did, they remained wrapped in each other's arms and the damp satin sheets.

At three in the morning, Hunter rolled over to find that Randi was no longer in bed with him. He then heard the soft tinkling of piano keys coming from downstairs. He slid his jeans back on before padding downstairs to see her. He entered the music room to see her working at the piano writing music and words on a sheet of musician's staff paper. He lingered in the doorway just listening and watching her.

"What's the matter, Hunter?" She asked as she scribbled something on the page.

"Didn't expect to wake up alone, that's all." He said quietly. "What are you writing?"

"A song that I'm gonna tape for you to take with you." Randi said. "You're the first non-rock star that I've ever picked up in this game I play with myself."

"Is that what the wall of photos is?" Hunter asked, shocked.

"Somewhat. Most of those were taken by my husband. Don't worry, he's been dead for two years." Randi said. "We met in a bar in Atlanta. I was a dancer doing body shots with Joe and Viv from Def Leppard and he was the record exec that was meeting them there. We just clicked and since I knew most of the big stars from were they'd come in to see me at work it was a perfect match."

"But you do your own music?" Hunter asked as he got closer to the piano. "Why didn't he get you a record deal?"

"Cause Daniel thought my past would ruin my career." Randi said. "He said its great to look like a bad girl and be nice underneath, but he knew that once the press got wind of my teenage arrests for being an underage dancer and then when I went back to work after I turned 18 it would kill any shot I had at being taken seriously as an artist. However, a few of my songs have been recorded by others. Why don't you go back upstairs and I'll see you in a few minutes for another round?"

"I'd rather sit hear and listen to you sing and play." He answered as he took a seat across the room from her.

"Well, I'll be recording, so don't say anything." She answered. "And please be kind when I'm finished. An ego is a delicate thing."

Randi then pressed record on the tape on top of the piano. Hunter found himself completely enchanted with the raven-haired beauty at the piano. About five minutes later, a slow bluesy ballad was recorded. She dubbed a copy for herself and handed one to him. On the label of her tape it simple stated HUNTER - XMAS EVE 2001.

He picked her up and carried her and the tape back upstairs to the bedroom. He took his shirt off of her and the two of them continued their passionate romp until they could no longer resist the exhaustion that overcame them. When the morning sun started streaming through the window above her bed, Randi woke to find Hunter in the shower. There was a note from him beside her on the bed.


Thanks for everything. I'll cherish the tape forever and the passionate release we shared was

incredible. Whenever I'm back in Baltimore I'll look you up.


A smile curled her lips when she read the last line. She then went in to take her own shower. At 9:00am, she dropped him back off at the airport. His flight was scheduled to leave for Connecticut at 10:15am. As he walked down the concourse of the airport his whole outlook was different. He sat down at the gate and dug out his cell phone. He called a number he could dial in his sleep. When the machine picked up he left a short message.

"Steph, when I get home we need to talk." Hunter said. "I think it's time to move on."

He hung up the phone and boarded the plane after pulling his walkman out of his briefcase. On the flight, Randi's voice kept him company as his mind replayed the passion that they'd shared the night before.



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