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         Casey attempted to slip into the house quietly after Paul dropped her off. She was halfway up the stairs when her grandfather called to her. 

      "You don't have to sneak around. I'm already awake." He said from  the kitchen. "I take it that you and Paul hit it off rather well, huh?"

      "Yeah, Pops, we had a great time last night." Casey said as she threw her clothes from the night before into the hamper and grabbed a clean outfit of work clothes from her closet. "Do you want a full report or just the highlights?"

      "The highlights are fine and leave out anything that you think my heart couldn't handle." He said with a laugh as he entered her room with a cup of coffee.

      "Well, we had dinner at Valentino's and then went down to the river and talked and we went to his house." Casey said as she sat down to tie her shoes. "We have a lot in common and I enjoy his sense of humor."

      "So, everything was that innocent?" John asked as he pushed a strand of hair off of his granddaughter's neck revealing a dark bruise just down from her ear.

      "I didn't say that." She replied as she pulled away. "Besides, you said you didn't want to know all the details."

      "Well, I just noticed that you look like you were used as a chew toy, baby, that's all." John replied. 

      "Grandpa, I am an adult here. Just cause I still live here with you doesn't mean I can't have a normal sex life." She replied. "What do you want for breakfast?"

      "I already had some cereal while I was up waiting for you to get home." John said.

      "I told you not to wait up for me." She answered.

      "Yeah, I know it, but I was worried when you weren't home by 2:00." He said. "I was sure you'd be home by then. I got up around 4:30 and waited for you."

      "Sorry, would you prefer for me to call and wake you to let you know that I plan on spending the night with him from now on?" Casey said, aggravated. "I mean I thought we were both okay with the arrangement of us living under the same roof and you treating me as an adult as long as my responsibilities to the bills and the shop were taken care of you stayed out of my love life. What gives?"

      "I didn't mean to upset you, Casey." John said sadly as he walked out of her room. "I just worry. You know you're all I have left."

      "Yeah, I know that, Pops, but you gotta let me live my life if you want to keep me around." She replied as she gave the old man a kiss on the cheek. "I didn't ask what you and Gram did behind your bedroom door and if you had someone else I still wouldn't ask. Just give me the same considerations, okay?"

      "Okay. I guess you can go invite Paul in for breakfast." John said as he looked out the front window. "I guess he fell asleep in the truck after you got out of it."

      Casey walked outside and opened the passenger door of the truck and shook Paul's leg to try to wake him up. He looked at her through heavy-lidded eyes and motioned for her to join him in the truck. 

      "What's up?" He asked as he moved so she could get in.

      "I could ask you the same thing since you're the one sleeping in my front yard." She giggled. "Pops wanted me to invite you in for breakfast. If I were you, I'd be careful because he knows that I was at least your chew toy last night."

      "What are you talking about?" Paul asked as he sat up straight in the seat.

      "This is what I'm talking about." Casey said as she turned her head and pushed her hair out of the way to reveal the hickey that Paul had left on the side of her neck.

      "Well, I wasn't the only one who left marks." Paul replied as he opened the fly of his denim shorts. "You see that."

Casey laughed, as she looked at the tiny bite marks around his upper thighs and lower abdomen. She leaned forward and kissed him again and told him to
come in and eat. She then got out of the truck and Paul followed her into the house.

      "You want some coffee?" John asked as Paul entered the kitchen.

      "Um, yeah, that would be great." Paul replied as he watched Casey move about the kitchen gathering the stuff she'd need to make breakfast. "So, how was the ballgame?"

      "Smart boy, you know how to make small talk." John laughed as he sat down with a cup for each of them. "Sox won and that's all that really matters when they're playing the Yankees."

      "You got that right." Paul answered as he took a drink from his cup. "So, what's for breakfast?"

      "Pancakes and bacon." Casey said as she continued to work at the stove.

      "So, Paul, while she's finishing breakfast do you want to see one of the tapes from the 1999 World Championships. Casey was amazing - even if they didn't give her the Olympic team spot she deserved." John said as he motioned for Paul to join him in the living room.

      "Sure, I can't wait to see them." Paul said as he followed John into the living room.

      "Casey's a great mechanic, but she was meant to be a wrestler - that's where she's in her element." John said as he slid a tape into the VCR. "I've watched you, too. In the ring or on the mat your attitude is a lot like Casey's - you were both born to be wrestlers. It really is that simple."

      "I see." Paul said.

      The tape began with a collection of photos of Casey that included images of her from the day she was born up to the early rounds of the World Championships. Then, it the action of the final match for her weight class was introduced. She was facing off against a guy from South Korea. He was introduced first, as the competition was being held in Tokyo and the crowd was more in his favor. The crowd became fairly silent when the English and then French and then Japanese announcers make the introduction: "The United
States Champion, Cassandra Renée Jackson." Paul couldn't help but laugh a little when he saw Casey decked out in a singlet and boots that would make Kurt envious.  

      "What are you laughing at?" Casey called from the kitchen.

      "How well you and Kurt would match to be like a tag team or something." Paul replied.

      "Well, that was standard US team issue." She replied. "I doubt that I could tolerate wrestling in that gear anymore. Especially after being screwed over like I was."

      "Yeah, and this time she wrestled and won - even with three broken ribs and a fractured ankle." John said. "She was in a motorcycle accident two weeks before the worlds and she still took the title. I still say that the IOC and the US Olympic Committee missed the boat completely. And Kurt Angle still talks about winning his gold medals with a broken neck. What does he know, he wouldn't even give Casey enough respect to wrestle against her at an US Team exhibition when he was invited."

      "Oh, that would be a great story line for the shows." Paul said cheerfully. "Casey, would you let me call Vince and bounce this off of him?"

      "I guess so." She said. "After breakfast, okay?"

      "Is it ready?" John asked.

      "Yeah, and its gonna get cold." She said as she ushered them back into the kitchen.

      After breakfast, Casey walked up to the shop to start working on the Taurus she'd left unfinished the day before. She'd been in the shop for over an hour before Paul and John came in to see her. She was just resettling the engine block and getting ready to change refill it with oil when Paul snuck up behind her and grabbed her in a Greco-Roman hold. She immediately took enough of a step back that she had some leveraged and flipped him onto his back on the dirty concrete floor. John slapped a three-count on the doorframe before Casey let Paul get up. 

      "Vince wants to meet you tonight." Paul said as he brushed the dirt off of him. "I told him we'd be there at 8:00 for dinner. Pack a bag for overnight and some gear to workout in."

      "Okay." Casey said as she gathered the supplies she'd need to finish working on the Taurus. "When do I have to be ready to go?"

      "Uh, we need to be on the road about 6:30 to get there on time." He answered. "I think I'm going to the house to work out and wade through my
mail and get the bills paid. I'll pick you up later."

      "Okay, babe." Casey replied from under the hood of the car. "What, no goodbye kisses?"

Paul walked back over and leaned in and gave her a kiss on her neck. He kind
of laughed when he stood back up and looked at her. 

      "You definitely have to get all the grease off before we go out tonight." He said.

      "Yeah, and so do you." She said as she grabbed his chin and pulled his face down for another kiss. "See you later."

As Paul walked out, John handed him a wet washcloth to wipe the grease off
of his face and out of his beard. He washed his face and hands and then went
      Casey was finishing her makeup and hair when John let Paul in the front door. After hearing the two of them talking, she smoothed her hands over her soft navy blue dress and fluffed her hair again before grabbing her purse and heading down the stairs. Paul was standing at the foot of the stairs with a collection of Casey's wrestling tapes in his hand. She thought he couldn't be any more handsome until she saw him in the dark gray suit that he was wearing.

      "So, how do I look?" She said as she met him and turned around. "Is this presentable?"

      "Perfect." Paul replied. "Shall we go?"

      "Sure." She said. "Uh, what time should we be back?"

      "I have no idea." He answered. "Probably some time tomorrow afternoon."

Casey grabbed her overnight and gym bags as they walked out to the Hummer.
Paul tossed them in the back for her after he opened the door for her to get in.
      They arrived at the McMahon home about an hour and a half later. Paul grabbed the videos and then walked Casey up to the front door. Vince answered it just as they started to knock.

      "Hunter, it's about time you got here." Vince said as he threw open the door. "So, this must be Cassandra."

      "Casey, please." She replied as she stuck her hand out. "It's good to meet you, Mr. McMahon."

      "Vince, please." He replied. "Come on in, I have a few other people for you to meet. Jim, come over and meet Casey Jackson."

      "Hello, Casey. I don't know why, but you look familiar." Jim Ross said as he shook her hand.
      "She should, JR, she was the 98 and 99 world freestyle wrestling champion." Paul said, finally injecting himself into the conversation. 

      "Okay, that's where I know you from." Jim said. "Just one question: why didn't you compete at the Olympics in Sydney?"

      "Because the US Olympic Committee and the IOC didn't want me." Casey
answered. "I wanted to and I was completely eligible to, but three weeks before I was supposed to leave for Sydney, I was cut from the team because
there were no other female competitors. I was floored because I'd been wrestling against guys since I was a freshman in high school. Needless to say I was heartbroken and pretty much gave up wrestling after that."

      "Casey, I'd also like you to meet Kurt Angle and his wife, Karen." Vince said as the Angles walked up.

      "I've been introduced to Kurt before." She replied. "Karen, it's good to meet you."

      Kurt looked kind of miffed by the apparent snub on Casey's part to shake his hand. He'd forgotten about the exhibition in 1999 that he'd attended before his WWF debut and how everyone that was there knew that he absolutely refused to wrestle her because she was a woman. Finally, when he was left alone with Paul, he decided to ask if he knew why Casey barely acknowledged his presence.

      "Hey, Hunter, what's up with her?" Kurt asked. "I mean she barely treated me as if I were here?"

      "She's still pissed off at you for refusing to wrestle her at that USOC exhibition." Paul replied. "Can't say that I blame her any. That as much as anything else probably cost her the spot that she should've had on the Olympic team in 2000."

      "I didn't wrestle her that night because I was afraid of hurting her." Kurt said. "I truly didn't think she could take me and I didn't want her to get hurt going into the last few tournaments before the Olympics."

      "Kurt, she already had the US and World titles. She was the best in the world at that time - she was on your level." Paul said. "You already had your WWF contract in your pocket. Your future was secure; you should've given her a shot. And I'll let you in on another thing, she won her world title with broken ribs and a broken ankle."

      "So, how long have you been fucking her?" Kurt retorted. "And don't try to deny it, you wouldn't stand here as her knight in shining armor if she didn't put out for you first, Hunter."

      "Actually, Kurt, you don't know anything." Paul said with a smirk. "I've known her and her family for years. Her grandfather owns the garage that my dad always takes his cars to when they need repairs. She's a wonderful person."

      "Yeah, and I bet she's still found her way to your bed." Kurt replied.

      "On the contrary, it was my swimming pool." Paul said as he turned to join the rest of the group assembled in the McMahon home.
      "You fucked her in the swimming pool?" Kurt asked, breathlessly. "Remind me not to go swimming over at your house."

      "You have nothing to worry about, Kurt." Paul said with an evil grin. "You're not my type."

      "Hunter, you are a sick bastard." Kurt replied.

      "Thanks for noticing." Paul said with a smile as he walked over to see what Casey was talking to Jim, Vince and Linda about. "So, when are we going to watch some of her tapes?"

      "What tapes?" Vince asked, excited at the prospect of seeing new talent.

      "Paul brought some of my match tapes with us." Casey replied as she handed the bag of tapes over to Vince. "They're all labeled according to when and who I was facing." 

      "Let's eat first and then we can watch the tapes." Linda suggested.

      The group finished with dinner and then, after Kurt and his wife left went into the den to watch the tapes that Casey and Paul had brought with them. Casey apologized for the quality of some of the tapes because her grandfather had made the tapes before he knew how to operate his camcorder correctly. Vince and Jim were completely tuned into the matches and were ecstatic to find out about Casey's personal beef with Kurt.

      "So, if we set your first angle up as you coming to the WWF looking for revenge for the way Kurt treated you then, would you work it?" Vince asked after watching the tape where Casey found out that she hadn't been named to the Olympic team. "I think it would be a great way to put you over as a face to start with."

      "Uh, sure." Casey said through choked back tears. "That would be great."

      "Well, I guess in the morning we can get you a contract drawn up and a timetable for adding you to the SmackDown roster."  Vince said. "I think we all could use a good night's sleep. You don't have any problem with maybe going to Ohio Valley for a week or two until we get the spot in the story open, do you?"

      "I don't suppose so." Casey answered.


      "What's the matter?" Paul asked as they entered their hotel room. "I mean you've barely said three words since we left Vince and Linda's."

      "I don't know." Casey replied. "I mean, I thought I was over all the shit with Kurt, but tonight I didn't treat him any better than he treated me. He didn't even remember me, so I shouldn't have been such a bitch toward him."

      "Don't worry about it." Paul said. "He can't get away from facing off with you now."

      "Yeah." She said softly. "You know what I want right now? I want you to make me forget about Kurt."

      "And how would I do that?" He whispered as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

      "Use your imagination." She whispered against his chest. 

      He walked her over to the balcony of their room and told her to sit outside until he came back for her. She sat there alone after he closed the door and the curtains. It was almost fifteen minutes later when he came back for her.

      "Do you trust me?" He asked as he stepped up behind her.

      "I guess so, why?" She whispered nervously.

      Without another word, he slid a blindfold around her face and tied it. Casey stood frozen in place as she waited to find out what was next. He led her back into the room. The next thing she heard was the zipper of her dress sliding down before he worked it down so that it fell at her feet. He slowly slid her bra straps down her arms and then unhooked it before tossing the lacy garment across the room.
      Before Casey had a chance to think of covering her breasts, Paul had taken them in his hands. His fingers kneaded the tender flesh as he stroked his thumbs across her nipples. She was enjoying the attention immensely when he suddenly stopped. He then worked her panties off - leaving her standing there in just her garter belt and stockings. 
      Paul was on his knees in front of Casey; appreciating his view of her almost naked body. He then turned her so that he could back her onto the bed. He helped her get settled against the pillows before he stood to remove his own clothes.

      "Lick." He commanded softly as he spread his finger across her lips. "What is it?"

      "Chocolate syrup." She replied.

      "What's this?" He asked as he pushed another of his fingers into her mouth.

      "Honey." She whispered.

      "And this?" He asked.

      "I don't know." She replied.

      "Sit up a little so I can give you a better taste." He said.

He put a cold glass to her lips and told her to drink. She giggled when she recognized the taste of champagne. He had her lay down again and she waited
for what he was going to do next.

      "Here, taste this." He commanded as he held a Popsicle to her lips. "Now think of the naughtiest think that could be done with this. See if we're on the same page."

      While she continued to suck on the icy treat, he raised her legs off the bed enough to spread a towel beneath her. He then took the Popsicle from her and trailed it down the front of her body - creating a cherry flavored trail from her mouth, between her breasts and across her stomach before he pushed it inside of her. He twisted it around a few times and then withdrew the stick.

      "I lost my Popsicle." He said as he pushed a couple of fingers into her.

He continued to move his thick fingers in and out of her as he moved to lie on top of her. He kissed his way up the cherry flavored trail that he'd made down the front of her body until he reached her mouth. He took a moment to just look at her - noticing the way her breathing was causing her chest to raise and fall rapidly, how her taught nipples were jutting straight up toward the ceiling and the enraptured expression on her face.

      "Paul, I need..." She barely managed to whisper.

      "What do you need, baby?" He whispered against her collarbone. "Tell me what you need."

      "You, uh, oh, inside, please?" She pleaded almost breathlessly.

He took a few moments to grant her request. His eyes scanned over her body
again. Paul realized how beautiful she truly was. As he thrust into her, he slid the blindfold off of her eyes. Her eyes fluttered open as he continued to move in and out of her. She tangled her fingers in his soft hair and pulled his mouth down to hers. Within moments, she was moaning into his mouth as they both worked their way to exhaustion. When it was over, he moved onto his side of the bed and pulled her close.
      Their wake up call at 7:00 AM found them in the same position on the bed, as they were when they fell asleep. Casey answered the phone and then went to take a shower. She was kind of surprised when Paul opened the shower door and joined her.

      "Morning." He whispered as she turned to face him. "So, did I make you forget about him last night?"

      "About who?" She giggled.

      "Kurt." He replied.

      "Kurt, who?" She giggled as she rubbed a soap-covered cloth over his chest and down his abs.

      "Good answer." He laughed as she rubbed the cloth gently over his private region. "I can do that, you know."

      "Oh, I'm sure you can, but I wanted to make sure we got all the Popsicle off of you before we went to Trax." She said.

      "Well, I guess I missed you getting it off of you." He said as he turned his back to her so she could wash his back.
      "Sorry, you snooze - you lose." She giggled softly as she ran the soapy cloth between his buttocks.

      "Hey, you better watch what you're doing or we'll be late getting there." He managed to say as he tried to keep from getting hard. "You need to have all your focus on working in the ring."

      "Okay." She said as she slid out of the shower. "I'll see you in a few minutes."

      She heard him cursing as he finished his shower. Casey was tying her shoes when he walked out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. Her eyes scanned over him and came to rest on the spot where he barely had the towel tied on. When he sat down on the bed to get things out of his bag, the towel came off of him. Casey - resisting the best temptation she'd ever seen - went back into the bathroom to braid her hair and brush her teeth. She didn't come out again until he was dressed.
      They had a silent breakfast on the way to Trax. Paul pulled up and parked there and they walked in. Kurt was in the ring stretching. Vince and Jim were sitting by the ring comparing notes over how they thought Casey should make her impact in the federation. Vince turned when he heard the door open and walked over to talk to Casey and Paul.

      "Good morning." Vince said. "Why don't you go get your gear on and we'll see what you can do?"

      "Okay." Casey said as she started off toward the women's locker room.

      "Hunter, why don't you go change into some gear as well." Vince said. "Jim and I have talked to Heyman about writing this story up and we think that Casey's first attack on Kurt should come in a match between the two of you."

      "Sure." Paul said before he went to change.

      Casey came out of the locker room a few minutes later and stretched out as she walked to the ring. Kurt was sitting on one of the top turnbuckles laughing and talking with Vince. She climbed into the ring and stood in the opposite corner from Kurt. Kurt hopped down off of his perch on the corner and walked to the middle of the ring. She stared at him coldly as he approached her.

      "So, we're going to feud because you can't forget something that happened three years ago?" Kurt asked as he walked up. "Has your life been that hard since you were cut from the Olympic team?"

      "As a matter of fact, Kurt, it has." Casey replied. "Do you have any idea what I do to earn a living? I work as a fucking mechanic in a shop that has no air conditioning in the summer and no heat in the winter. I go to work at about 7am everyday and don't stop working until it's dark. I didn't get any special endorsement contracts. I didn't get a Wheaties box and if it wasn't for Paul, I most likely wouldn't be getting this shot now. So, yeah life for me has pretty much sucked since the I was cut from the team."

      "What about residuals from the posters?" Kurt asked.

      "What fucking posters?" Casey asked.

      "The ones that was at all the Oshman's stores and other sporting good stores."  Kurt said. "It was freaking great. I was in the front with my medals and you were in the background. It said something along the lines of "The choice of Olympians now and forever."

      "I was still in college and bound by NCAA and IOC rules to not make a dime off of the damn thing." She said. "But I'm sure you already knew that and are immensely glad that you'd already decided to not compete as an amateur anymore, right?"

      "No, Casey, I didn't know anything about it." Kurt said. "I mean I knew that I was getting a cut of the profit from the sales, but I didn't know that you weren't."

      "Don't worry about it, Kurt." Casey said. "It's all water under the bridge - and if you're lucky, I'll push you off one that the fall won't take too long."

      "Okay, you two break it up." Vince said as he walked up to get between Kurt and Casey. "Hunter, aren't you going to help me with this?"

      "Nah, I'd rather see her tear him apart." Paul said with a grin.

      Vince finally got them settled in to work and since Paul was willing, he worked a match with Casey while Kurt stood off to the side fuming. Jim finally suggested that they work through the match that has been written for Casey's debut.

      "And that would be?" Paul asked as he caught his breath.

      "You and Kurt for a #1 contender's slot." Vince said with a grin. "Casey's going to come in and hit you with a chair and get Kurt disqualified. You get the title shot and we have Kurt trying to figure out why she cost him his shot."

      "Let's run with it." Kurt finally said.

      "Sounds good to me." Casey said as she got out of the ring.

Kurt and Paul started a match and Casey stood at the back of the room  waiting for her cue. Jim pointed at her just before Paul kicked Kurt in the gut to set up for the pedigree. Casey ran up to the makeshift rail they'd created for her, jumped over it and grabbed the steel chair. She slid into the ring and swung the chair in Paul's direction. As Vince and Jim had instructed her, she came just a fraction of an inch from hitting him and he fell to the canvas. Jim rung the bell as Kurt stood up and looked at Casey as she made her way from ringside. Vince raised Paul's hand as the winner via disqualification.
      The five of them were standing around talking when the door opened. Mark Calloway and Paul Heyman walked in. Taker introduced himself to  Casey and then introduced her to Paul. Casey looked up at the much taller man in the ring beside her and found herself hoping that she never was slated to
face off with him.

      "So, you must be the person who's going to give me Hunter as an opponent for King of the Ring." Taker laughed. "I hope you swing a pretty mean chair. He's kinda hard to take down."

      "If you say so." Casey giggled.

      "Okay, Casey, go get cleaned up and we'll go over to the office and get your contract and schedule taken care of." Vince said. "Do you have a problem going on the Divas photo shoot?"

      "I don't guess so, but that's not really what I'm all about." She said.

      "I know, but it'll make you fit in a little bit better with the other women in the locker room." Vince said. "Especially since you'll be wrestling the men more than they will."

      "No problem." She said as she hopped out of the ring and headed  toward the shower.

      "You're going to send her for the photo shoot." Paul said. "I can't believe you don't want her to go to OVW instead."

      "She doesn't need to go. She's forgotten more moves than a lot of those kids will ever learn. However, she does need to learn how to be soft as well as vindictive. Being with the other girls on the shoot will help her do that." Vince said. "I mean if you want, you could go with her and make sure that the photos are to your liking."

      "No, I don't think that would exactly help her fit in, do you?" Paul asked. "I mean she's a big girl, she can handle a couple of days in Hawaii for a photo shoot."

      After signing her contract and getting her schedule for the next two weeks - which included four days in Maui for the photo shoot, an autograph session with some of the other women at WWF New York and her debut on the first Smack Down after Judgment Day - she and Paul decided to stay one more night in Stamford. They returned to the hotel and she called her grandfather. She filled him in on all the things that were going to be changing for them. He was thrilled.
      Casey had two days at home to pack before she was scheduled to drive to Stamford to meet up with the other women that she was going to Maui with. Paul offered to drive her down to meet up with the others, but she told him that she could handle it. He enjoyed her independent streak. But he couldn't help but feel that she might not want him around as much now that it seemed she was going to be getting what she wanted. He couldn't have missed the target more. Casey was desperate to make her own mark on the Federation, independent of Paul, but she still wanted to lie next to him when she turned the covers down at night.
      On May 14th, she flew out of Boston with the other "Divas" for Maui. She immediately made a few friends and found that while she was trained in the classic way of wrestling that she could still stand to learn some things from these girls. They finally landed in Maui very late that night and her body was still on East Coast time when she flopped on the bed in the room she was sharing with Trish. Casey dug out the cell phone (Paul gave it to her as a present when she left) and called her grandfather and then Paul. After waking both of them, she apologized profusely and then went to take a shower before going to bed. 
It barely seemed like they'd been in the hotel anytime at all when the wake up call came. Casey rolled out of bed, drug herself through a shower to wake up and dressed for the beach. Trish did the same and they joined the other girls, the photographers and the rest of the entourage for the bus ride to the beach. Trish introduced Casey to some of the others that she hadn't got the chance to talk to while she was going over the shooting schedule. All of the girls knew that Casey was a new girl and she would be joining them on the trip, but only Jackie and Amy recognized her.

             "So, how on earth did you get stuck doing this photo shoot?" Amy asked as they got off the bus and walked into the makeshift dressing and makeup building. "Are you the latest real athlete that Vince is going to exploit
for her beauty and then dump along the side?"

          "I hope not." She said. "I'm actually going to be feuding with Kurt Angle - Vince likes the idea of our personal history as a storyline."

          "You're actually going to wrestle Kurt." Jackie said. "Girlfriend, have you
lost your mind?"

         "No, he owes me a match from a few years ago." Casey said as she was pushed into a makeup chair. "I've come to collect it, that's all."

          "What do you mean he owes you a match?" Stacy said. "How could Kurt possibly owe you a match?"

    "Because, he refused to wrestle me back in 99 and cost me a spot on the 2000 Olympic team." Casey answered.

       "Okay, I need Casey, Trish, Amy and Terri dressed and on the beach in five minutes." Joe (the chief photographer) said as he looked in on the girls. "Trish I want you in the silver hologram bikini. Amy, I need you in the hot pink one. Terri, you got the gold mesh. Casey, I want you in the white one-piece that has the blue and red stars on it."

Casey got into the suit and looked herself over in the mirror and decided that she couldn't feel more naked unless she was wearing dental floss. For a one-piece suit, Trish and Amy's suits covered more. Terri's suit blended so well with her tan that you really had to look to see if she was actually wearing anything. The four of them walked out to take their places for their first shots of the day. Joe took Trish over to a volcanic rock formation and posed her seductively amongst the rocks as the wave crashed against her ass. The sun was just coming up on the island and the fiery image of it contrasting with Trish's long blonde hair and cool silver suit made a beautiful image.
         Casey started walking in the water along the beach and Mike (one of the
other photographers) called her name when she got a certain distance away from him. He started snapping pictures of her when she turned to look back at him. He then told her to do whatever she felt comfortable with in the surf. She walked out until she was in water up to her knees and splashed water toward him. He then told her to be sexy in the water and to think about the sexiest thing she could imagine a lover doing for her. She moved forward and knelt down in the wet sand and leaned back while she thought about the way Paul played with a cherry Popsicle. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't realize that the surf behind her was swelling - at least she didn't until a wave crashed over her making the suit virtually invisible except for the stars. Mike snapped tons of pictures of her after she was drenched. He then told her to go back in to the cabana while he shot some of the others. She stripped off the drenched suit and put a robe on while she waited for her next shot. Jackie was still sitting there and passed Casey her bag.

               "Your cell phone is ringing." Jackie said.

                "Hello." Paul's voice crackled across the line.

           "Hi, there, I was just thinking about you." She replied. "Sorry about
calling you so late or early. I'm not really sure right now."

         "Not a problem." He said. "How's the shoot going?"

         "Well, I've already done a couple of rolls of film and I got drenched
because I was too close to the surf." She giggled. "I miss you."

        "Me, too." He said. "So, when do I get to see you again?"

        "Sunday, I hope." She said. "Well, I gotta get ready for my next shot,

        "Okay, I'll get some more Popsicles." He laughed.

        "You do that." She replied.

        "I love you." He said.
        "Uh-huh, me, too." She said. "I love you."

         They hung up and she stared at the phone for a few moments in disbelief. She wasn't sure that's what she felt for Paul, but she couldn't tell him that right then. She also was kind of shocked that he said it first. She'd just put on a dark green bikini when she was called back out to the beach. Joe had looked over some of the digital images that Mike had snapped of Casey in the surf and he wanted to get some more of her with the water. He told her that there was just something incredibly seductive about her getting close to naked in the water. On his instructions, she waded out until the water was up to the middle of her thighs. He snapped a few shots of her with the top still in place and a couple of them with her in the process of taking it off. Remember the other night at the river with Paul, she turned her back to Joe and put her thumbs in the waist of the thong she was wearing and started inching it down. Joe even snapped a few pictures of her completely topless - without giving her an opportunity to cover her breasts. 
         A heavy thunderstorm started before she could get out of the water and
everyone had to go inside to do some other shots that were set up with props. Casey put her robe back on and took a nap until they called her back for photos. There was an indoor waterfall that Joe decided that he was going to shoot two shots of each girl in the water and pick the best ones to submit to Vince to choose the cover from. Casey was back in the white suit and for her first shot; she was sitting on the edge of the pool in front of the fall. For her next shot, she got into the pool and stood directly under the fall with her head thrown back as the water ran down over her making the suit cling to her in the most suggestive way possible. Sunday couldn't make it quick enough to suit her as she headed out for her flight home. All the girls were going either to Raw or home. Casey's flight landed in Boston at 5:30pm. Paul and her grandfather both were waiting at the gate for her. She was happy to see both of them - even if she was nervous about her grandfather seeing her proof sheets. She gave John and hug and a kiss before she wrapped her arms around Paul's waist.
        She fell asleep in the backseat of the car while Paul drove them home. She didn't even realize when he'd dropped John off at his house before taking
her back to his place. She woke when the gate beeped when he entered the

       "Where are we?" She asked, still groggy.

        "My place." He said. "I dropped your grandpa off at your place."

        "Oh, and he was cool with this?" She asked.

       "Yeah, I think he actually likes me." Paul said with a roguish grin. "So, are you going to let me see the proofs? I figured they were a little too racy for you to show John."

        "Actually, most of them are way too racy for him." She admitted. "I'll
create an edited collection for him to look at."

      "What about me?" Paul asked expectantly.

       "You can look at all of them." She said as she handed him the large brown
envelope. "I hope you like them."

Paul opened the envelope carefully and pulled the stack of proofs out. He smiled when he saw the white suit they had her wearing. Casey sat down on the couch and got comfortable while Paul flipped through the proofs. He cleared his throat when he found the first of the ones where she was topless.

        "Uh, Casey, why are you topless in some of these?" Paul asked. "They can't put these in the magazine, can they?"

       "Not the ones that show anything." She said. "But Joe snapped some pics
before I was ready after taking my top off. It's no big deal."

           "It can be." Paul said. "Do you realize that some of this will most likely
make it onto the video and the pay-per-view?"

       "And that's a problem because?" She asked. "I mean I thought I was supposed to go out there and do what the other girls were doing. Amy, Trish and Terri all took topless pictures, too."

       "Oh, okay. I didn't know." He replied. "But you do look sexy and beautiful
in all of them, baby."

       "Do you want a personal modeling of any of the suits?" She asked
suggestively. "The let us keep the ones we wore for the shoots."

         "Maybe later, baby." Paul said as he got up and picked her up from the
couch. "Right now, I don't want to see you in anything but my bed."

       "I like the sound of that." She whispered against the hollow of his neck as
he carried her upstairs.

To be continued....